Xiaomi MI6 Will Have No Lite and Plus Variants Confirmed by Lei Jun


Recently, Xiaomi MI6 lite edition has been discussed a lot on Weibo. It is said that Xiaomi MI6 will release a Snapdragon 660 version, built in RAM 4GB, selling at 1,999 yuan, $333, it should be lower version of Xiaomi MI6, they call it Xiaomi MI6 Lite.

After the news spreads fast, due to Snapdragon 660 production more than Snapdragon 835, and cheaper price, many fans will like it. But Lei Jun rarely answers the question on Weibo, this time he has replied the news is definitely fake. And then he posted on Weibo that Xiaomi MI6 as a new flagship smartphone, thanks to Snapdragon 835 processor and RAM 6GB, 10nm process, it has got over 180,000 points in Antutu test. And its power consumption has reduced 30%, which is the top processor, currently Xiaomi has no other plan to produce the lite or pro versions.

Therefore, Xiaomi MI6 will be only one with high-end processor until now. Even the production of SD835 is limited, Xiaomi will not release the low version of MI6 to appeal to the market. But if Xiaomi MI6 really released low version, its sales will increase a lot, we believe other manufacturers will consider to produce this kind of lite version of MI6 to catch more market share. Right now, we hope Xiaomi can solve the production issue as soon as possible.


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