Xiaomi MI7 Confirms Top Level Specs Again, Challenge to Samsung


This year Xiaomi releases many new products, but most of them are mid-range and low-end models, only Xiaomi MI MIX 2 aims at high-end market, compared with other products, Xiaomi insists on the concept of cost effectiveness. Lei Jun doesn’t want to release Xiaomi MI6 low version with RAM 4GB and Snapdragon 835 processor, and Xiaomi MI6 has been sold for half year, this time Xiaomi MI7 has been confirmed again with Android top specs.

In terms of design, this time Xiaomi MI7 will definitely use full view display, and remove fingerprint scanner on the front design, we guess it will use fingerprint scanner on the back and face ID, in craftsmanship, it continues to use glass material, adopting Dual 16MP back and 16MP front camera, although Xiaomi phones’ camera is not good, it is still in upgrading. What’s more, we have seen Xiaomi adds wireless charging, which means MI7 will use wireless function, but the phone should be not very thin.

Compared with Samsung, it is said next year in February it will use Exynos 9810 processor, but Xiaomi doesn’t lose its competition, it confirms that Xiaomi MI7 will use Snapdragon 845 processor, meeting us in March, 2018, and this time it will use RAM 8GB, in performance, the specs has been up to top one, even Samsung will shake. Previously Xiaomi has signed stock agreement with Qualcomm, so it can confirm Snapdragon 845 processor will be used on Xiaomi MI7.

As for price, Xiaomi MI7 will not sell too high, maybe Xiaomi MI7 RAM 6GB will sell about 2,600 yuan, $433, therefore, are you ready to save your money to buy next flagship, Xiaomi MI7?

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