Xiaomi MI7 Specs Leaked More: Full Screen, First Snapdragon 845, 2,499 yuan, $400


One year ago, Xiaomi released Xiaomi MI MIX, and first put forward the bezelless screen concept, therefor, full view display becomes very hot, Xiaomi has made success to bring the screen to its phones. After one year, full view screen smartphones become more and more popular. Even Xiaomi next bezelless phone, Xiaomi MI7 is coming with this design.

Recently there are much news about Xiaomi MI7, and its renderings have also leaked a lot, in terms of its renderings, Xiaomi MI7 has changed a lot compared with last generation, such as full view display, dual rear camera.

As for specs, Lei Jun once attended Snapdragon 845 press conference and leaked its next flagship will use latest Snapdragon 845 processor, therefore, Xiaomi MI7 will be powered by Snapdragon 845 processor, in addition, it may use Samsung 18:9 6.01 inch OLED screen, in processor, Xiaomi cooperated with Qualcomm closely, there will be no problem to first use Snapdragon 845 processor.

As for other aspect, Xiaomi MI7 still uses RAM 6GB, it has 20MP+12MP dual rear camera, supporting four axis OIS and twice optical focus. Its battery capacity keeps similar to Xiaomi MI6, it still uses quick charge, Xiaomi MI7 may add wireless charging function, in price, Xiaomi MI7 still sells 2,499 yuan, $400 or over, we need to know that Lei Jun claims Xiaomi will have stock next year. So will you choose Xiaomi MI6 or wait for MI7?



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