Xiaomi Mi7 Will Comes With A New Screen Accounted: Proportion of the Screen Will Be Higher More Than 95%


In recent days, the news regarding Xiaomi Mi7 has been constantly breaking. In 2017, Xiaomi also launched its low-end full-screen Smartphone (Redmi 5) and its high-end full-screen Smartphone (Mi mix 2) series. in line with info, Xiaomi sorted out some or will appear in Mi7 body characteristics.

At present, the Snapdragon 845 processor has been officially released, the 1st generation of Xiaomi products, the majority of the flagship aircraft are used Qualcomm products, with xiaomi growing, for the domestic product name, he has become one of the most vital customers of Qualcomm. Lei Jun was also due to attend the Qualcomm conference missed the launch of the Redmi 5, which shows its importance to Qualcomm.

Lei Jun also made it clear at Qualcomm summit, Mi7 will be equipped with Snapdragon 845 processor. Compared with the Snapdragon 835 to 845 processing performance increased by 25-30%. Qualcomm does give us a surprise every year, cannot imagine, the mobile phone industry without Qualcomm processor what you will become.

From the burst renderings of view, Mi7’s body will take double-sided glass material, the appearance is indeed terribly superb, the continuation of the design language of Mi6, the difference is that the rear dual camera will take vertical arrangement way, the screen will also use the popular 18: 9 full-screen ratio, but the proportion of the screen will be higher, is predicted to be more than 95%, so that is undoubtedly the redefinition of the domestic full screen, so that full screen into the 3.0 era. Now, all eyes are focused on Mi7 aspects and it’s expected to be a black technology with the variety of works.

According to the charging head network reports, Mi7 will be equipped with wireless charging technology, wireless charging module has been trial production, and Apple used a similar foundry and Mi7 or iPhone will be the same, with dual-flagship strategy, a small screen phone, there are large-screen phone, is no longer a single size, but to give consumers more choices, screen sizes were 5.56 and 6.01 Inch, will use Samsung’s OLED screen.

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Xioami has always been better-known for cost-effective and high performance, before the Mi6, it’s flagship mobile has always been unwavering in 1999 yuan, after the Mi6 has been modified, and Mi7 such configuration, it’s possible to be priced at 2699 yuan, while the flagship screen or will exceed 3000 yuan mark. Xiaomi Mi7 is expected to release time for the start of 2018, and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845’s release, but also the essential reality of the news, coupled with Xiaomi layout strategies in overseas markets, Mi7 is probably going to seem in February next year’s CES.

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