Xiaomi Mi9 Hands On Images: Holographic Symphony


Xiaomi Mi9 was released as scheduled. As a high-profile flagship of the year, Xiaomi Mi9 is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 855 platform, with a holographic color appearance, 48MP AI three-shot and many other highlights. Let’s take a brief look at this product with a real shot.

In terms of appearance, the Xiaomi Mi9 back cover has a full curved surface design, which reduces the visual thickness. The weight of the phone is 173g, which is light and thin and comfortable to hold. Holographic color is a highlight of Xiaomi Mi9, and the back of the phone presents a beautiful look like a rainbow version. It is understood that the back of the body of Xiaomi Mi9 is engraved with 170 million nano-gratings, which are combined with optical brightening coating to show such a texture.

On the front of the phone, Xiaomi Mi9 uses a full-screen design of water droplets. Compared with the previous generation of Xiaomi Mi8, the screen ratio has been further improved.

At the bottom of the phone, Xiaomi Mi9 introduces a new COF packaging process and a narrower screen module. With smart antenna technology, the clearance area is further reduced. The chin of Xiaomi Mi9 is only 3.6mm, which is the narrowest in almost all mobile phones within 3999 yuan ($595.03).

The front camera has 20 Megapixels and the pixel size is 1.8µm. Support AI scene recognition, studio lighting effects, all-around beauty, and other functions.

The rear main camera is Sony’s 48MP super wide-angle macro AI three-shot. The main photo is 48MP Sony IMX586 flagship sensor, the other two are 12MP telephoto portrait lens + 16MP 120 degrees super wide-angle lens (support 4cm close-range shooting). In design, echoing the holographic color body, Xiaomi 9 three-shot uses the holographic illusion angel eye design, reflecting a high design consistency.

Xiaomi injected more gameplay for the three shots of Xiaomi Mi9. Support smart slimming and beauty, hand-held direct moon shooting moon mode, video motion, and shooting dynamic photo optimization, intelligent super wide angle and distortion correction. It enriches the functionality and playability of the camera, further reducing the cost of taking high-quality photos for ordinary users.

Xiaomi Mi9 supports wireless charging and solves the pain point of users with slow wireless charging. The world’s first 20W wireless flash charging, 0-100% charging time is only 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Wired charging is faster, introducing charge pump half-pressure direct charging technology, the power reaches 27W. According to official data, 30 minutes can be charged from 0 to 70%, and one hour and 4 minutes are full.

In terms of performance, the latest flagship platform With Snapdragon 855 equipped by Xiaomi Mi9 is the most concerned about everyone. Snapdragon 855 introduces the new Kryo 485 architecture, which improves CPU performance by 45% and GPU performance by 20%. In addition, Xiaomi 9 transparent enjoy a version of the first production of 12GB large memory.

This time, Xiaomi Mi9 invited the popular small meat Wang Yuan to be the product spokesperson. When he said “Wang Yuan Wang Yuan” to Xiao Ai, he could wake up Wang Yuan’s customized voice. Wang Yuan will use small love classmates to bring exclusive reminders and blessings.

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In other respects, Xiaomi Mi9 continues to support dual-band GPS, has the same new generation NFC chip SN100T as the iPhone XS series, a dark mode that can further reduce power consumption, and a small love shortcut center that can realize personalized combination operation. Beautiful appearance, excellent performance, Xiaomi Mi9 as the most concerned mobile phone products in the 2019 opening year, live up to expectations, handed over a satisfactory answer.

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