Xiaomi Mi9 Lite Released in March! Snapdragon 710, 32MP, 1599 yuan ($236.08)!


In 2019, the trend of mobile phone development is that the screen is getting bigger and bigger, the chip is getting stronger and stronger, the camera is getting more and more, the pixels are getting higher and higher, and the price is getting higher and higher. We can’t afford it more and more! Have you recently been released by Xiaomi 9? The overwhelming news of Xiaomi Mi9 affects our lives. It is said that Xiaomi Mi9 will increase its price and the price will be over 4,000 yuan ($590.56). It is really fast to buy the most cost-effective. Xiaomi mobile phone, it’s okay to have a cheap version of Xiaomi Mi9 to be released, Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite released in March! How about 710, 32MP, 1599 yuan ($236.08)?

Xiaomi has announced the release of its latest flagship model, Xiaomi Mi9, on February 20. The Xiaomi Mi9 is equipped with a 7nm process Snapdragon 855 chip, with a 6.4-inch OLED drop screen, and a rear-mounted three-camera IMX586+20 megapixel camera + a 3D TOF.

The combination of stereo lens, storage start should be 6+128GB, the highest 10+512GB storage combination, support wide-area screen fingerprint unlock technology, support 270,000 super fast charge, see the basic configuration of Xiaomi Mi 9 is really very attractive, but It is said that the price will reach 4,000 yuan, suddenly feel that the whole person is not mental, the reason is that can not afford to buy, there is good news, Xiaomi Mi9 Lite will follow the release rhythm of Xiaomi Mi9, released in March!

Xiaomi Mi9 Lite is equipped with Snapdragon 710 processor, using water drop screen design, 6.3-inch 2280*1080 resolution LCD material screen, 4GB+64GB, 6GB+64GB, 6GB+128GB and 6GB+128GB four storage combinations The front is 24 Megapixels, and the rear 32 Megapixel AI dual camera lens supports 180,000 fast charges. The price is from 1599 yuan ($236.08). The Xiaomi Mi9 Lite is designed with a gradient color. It has a double-sided glass panel, a horizontal rear double camera, and a back fingerprint recognition. It has three colors: Twilight Gold, Dream Blue and Deep Space Gray.

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Xiaomi Mi9 Lite as a beautiful mobile phone, many young people like it, Xiaomi Mi9 Lite is equipped with Snapdragon 710 with 32MP = 1599 yuan ($236.08), what do you think? Xiaomi Mi9 Lite has many similarities with Xiaomi Mi 8SE, but Xiaomi Mi9 Lite is higher than Xiaomi Mi 8SE configuration. Xiaomi Mi9 Lite will make a youthful spring wind among young people, and the youth version of each brand mobile phone will also With it, let’s look forward to it!

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Update on Nov.8, ,2019

Time Product name Link on Coupon Price Stock
11.8-11.11 Mi9 LITE,6+64,WHITE GBM9LITE1 239.99 100
11.8-11.11 Mi9 LITE,6+64,blue GBMI9LITE101 217.99 100
11.8-11.11 Mi9 LITE,6+64,gray GBMI9LITE102 217.99 100
11.8-11.11 Mi9 LITE,6+128,WHITE GBM9LITE4 259.99 100
11.8-11.11 Mi9 LITE,6+128,blue GBM9LITE5 237.99 100
11.8-11.11 Mi9 LITE,6+128,gray GBM9LITE6 237.99 100

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