Xiaomi Mi9 MIUI 11 Development Edition 20.3.19 Update


Xiaomi Mi9 MIUI 11 20.3.19 development version has been pushed to update. The update package of the MIUI 11 20.3.19 development version is 287MB. The main updates include. Adding a photo document mode. Adding authorization management content, and making many optimizations.

Upgrade log:
  • Added new super power-saving optimization items: raise wake-up, off-screen fingerprint, etc.
  • Optimized the animation effect of the same page in the era of horizontal and vertical screen rotation
  • Fix the problem that the desktop cannot slide
  • Update Google security patch (2020 # 03) to improve system security
  • [Status Bar, Notification Bar]
  • Fixed an issue where the status bar displayed abnormally under global inverse colors
Xiaomi Mi9 Camera

Added photo document mode support for automatic cropping. Black & white & enhanced effects processing, and automatic shadow removal

  • Added status bar permission identifier to support adding whitelist. App added to the whitelist will not display related permission identifier [Application Behavior Record-Settings]
  • Added clipboard permissions to prevent apps from reading or tampering with clipboard content
  • Added multiple permissions support such as location / recording / photographing / contact / call history / calendar / read / write external storage to “Allow only in use”
  • Positioning/recording/photograph permission support setting “Allow this time”
  • A comprehensive ban on background camera permissions to eradicate malicious application peeping
  • positioning/recording / photographing permissions to display authorization options based on permission description
  • Optimize the time-limit frequency of sensitive behavior notifications and reduce the number of notifications
  • Fixed the issue that the screen could not be turned off due to frequent sending of sensitive behavior notifications
  • Fixed the issue that the status bar permission logo could not be clicked
  • Fix the problem that in some versions. The identity does not disappear immediately after the whitelist is added to the permission identity
  • Fixed an issue where the corresponding app was deleted when the permission logo appeared. Resulting in the logo not disappearing

In addition, the MIUI team reminds us that the MIUI lab. And game acceleration in the 20.3.19 version settings cannot be entered normally. The temporary solution is: use the search function above. The settings to search MIUI labs or games to accelerate entry. And said that it will be in the next version Fix this.

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