Xiaomi Mi9 Pro 5G To Get Started: Coming 5G Phone With Lowest Price


Xiaomi held a 5G new product launch conference, officially releasing the Xiaomi Mi9 Pro 5G and MIX Alpha concept mobile phones. Both mobile phones support 5G networks.

Since it supports 5G, the upgrade of Xiaomi Mi9 Pro configuration is inevitable. Snapdragon 855 Plus, 12GB big memory, 512GB large storage, and triple fast charging become the world’s first 30W wireless charging a mobile phone. Compared to the conceptual future of Mi MIX Alpha, the Xiaomi Mi9 Pro is clearly closer to us.

So what is the performance of Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro, which has refreshed the lowest price of 5G mobile phones?

Let’s talk about the most important 5G first.

As the name suggests, 5G is one of the major upgrades of the Xiaomi Mi9 Pro 5G version. According to the introduction, Xiaomi Mi9 Pro 5G supports China Mobile, China Kirin, and China Telecom’s three major operators’ 5G networks. Not only supports the existing N41 and N78 bands, but the Xiaomi Mi9 Pro 5G supports the future China Mobile 5G band N79, ensuring a complete experience in the growing 5G process.

Although the current 5G network is not fully popular, this does not affect the user’s attention to the two 5G networking modes of NSA and SA. The so-called SA and NSA are actually two ways of 5G networking, in which non-independent networking is the NSA and independent networking is the SA.

The simplest understanding is that the NSA non-independent networking is to transform the existing 4G network and connect it to the 5G core network. SA is an independent network. The essence is to use a combination of 5G core network and 5G base station. Come to all 5G network features and functions.

At the beginning of the 5G construction, the three major operators all chose to start from the NSA and established a hybrid NSA and SA networking network, and the way to gradually transition to the SA network in the future.

Starting next year, the Tenna will only allow NSA/SA dual-network or SA single-mode supported 5G mobile phones to access the network.

However, not obtaining the network access license is not the same as not being able to access the Internet. The operator has now clearly stated that the NSA single-mode mobile phone can be accessed in the 5G signal coverage area.

As the network evolves to the SA architecture, the mobile phone still accesses 5G under the opened NSA network. The NSA mobile phone cannot connect to the 5G network only under the newly added SA base station.

The 5G construction will not happen overnight. In the future, the two modes of NSA and SA will coexist for a while, and the “rumor” that “NSA 5G mobile phones cannot be used next year” should not be believed.

At this stage, the 5G experience must rely on fixed experience points, and the restrictions are large. The distance from the 5G base station and whether there are obstacles will have a direct impact on the actual network experience, and the so-called 5G test is the download experience.

According to official data, after upgrading 5G, Xiaomi Mi9 Pro is 10 times faster than the 4G version of the measured download speed, 15 seconds to download 1.89GB to eat chicken hand tour, 3 seconds to download 100 songs

As an upgraded version of 855, Snapdragon 855 Plus adopts 7nm process technology, CPU triple cluster architecture, super large core frequency is upgraded from 2.84GHz to 2.96GHz, and enhanced version of Adreno 640, graphics performance is 15% higher than Snapdragon 855. For storage, the Xiaomi mi9 Pro 5G supports up to 12GB of memory and 512GB of storage.

The high-performance heat dissipation is naturally more concerned. The Xiaomi Mi9 Pro 5G version uses VC liquid cooling technology, using the most efficient VC soaking plate in the industry, with 5 layers of graphite, high thermal conductivity copper foil, and thermal gel. A powerful three-dimensional cooling system is formed.

The L-type VC soaking plate with a heat dissipation area of ​​up to 1127mm can achieve faster and more efficient heat transfer efficiency than graphite and copper tubes. The two-dimensional planar heat dissipation mode can quickly transfer the heat of the chip to the cold zone. Compared with the previous generation Xiaomi Mi9, the CPU core temperature can be reduced by 10.2 °C.

Overall, the appearance of the Xiaomi Mi9 Pro is not much different from that of the Xiaomi Mi9. The most intuitive change is the addition of the 5G logo on the back and the cancellation of the independent AI button.

The 4000mAh large battery really makes the Xiaomi Mi9 Pro thicker, but the weight is still controlled at 196g.

It is worth mentioning that the increase in thickness also makes the camera’s outstanding problem to a certain extent, even when playing games, even bare metal does not have to worry about picking up hands.

In terms of photography, the rear still uses Sony’s 48MP super wide-angle macros AI three-camera combination, 48MP main camera + 12MP telephoto portrait lens and 16MP 120-degree super-wide-angle lens imaging combination is still familiar feeling, measured experience imaging effect Very close to Xiaomi Mi9, so I will not do a lot of sample analysis this time.

In addition to the various upgrades on the configuration, the Xiaomi Mi9 Pro also made a lot of effort on the screen.

Specifically, the Xiaomi Mi9 Pro uses a new Pro-level screen tailored for designers to achieve high screen consistency through professional color calibration of each screen at the factory. In addition, the upgrade of the millet 9 Pro in terms of battery life and charging is also one of the “climaxes” at this conference.

Specifically, including 40W wired fast charge (new Mi Charge Turbo solution), 30W wireless flash charge and 10W wireless reverse charging function, it can reverse power supply to Qi wireless devices such as mobile phones, earphones, and toothbrushes.

Compared with the previous generation of products, it has been regarded as a “full upgrade”. Lei Jun also proudly said, “This is an efficient charging experience that matches the 5G era. Although the mobile phone only supports 40W wired fast charge, the standard 45W charging head is compatible with PD protocol, which supports the charging of Xiaomi notebook and MacBook. It is very intimate for many loyal.

From the personal point of view of the author, the dynamic natural sound system and the super power-saving function are relatively more attractive. In addition to the design of the fonts for a more comfortable reading experience, MIUI 11 further complements the dynamic natural sound system.

The system prompts a wide range of sampling of bird songs, humming, and water droplets, and changes accordingly with the time of the work, such as birding during the day and buzzing at night so that the notification tone is no longer single.

In addition, MIUI 11’s “dynamic alarm clock” function can also dynamically adjust the alarm ringtone according to the weather or different dates. In addition, MIUI 11’s super power-saving features are also worthy of attention. When the mobile phone is almost out of power and cannot be charged for the first time, the “super power-saving” function is very “intimate”.

The official said that after turning on superpower saving, you can achieve 5% battery standby for 24 hours, which is enough to support you to find a place to charge.

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Overall, Xiaomi Mi9 Pro 5G, processor, charging, users can feel very directly when using, the price is not too expensive, users who want to taste 5G can still try.

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