Xiaomi Mi9 Review: The New Revolution is Here With Snapdragon 855 with Coupon


On the afternoon of February 20, it is still familiar with the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium, Xiaomi. The new Mi phone of the “Main Heart” series of mobile phones – Xiaomi Mi9 officially debut.

Before the press conference, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun had a high-profile “disruption” on social media for several days, which is significantly different from the overwhelming “small news” before the previous conference. So what is the official flagship of Xiaomi, which is officially declared “absolutely good-looking and able to fight” and developed under the name “Battle of Fighting”? Let’s first take a look at the main parameters of Xiaomi Mi9.

Design & Appearance

We first look at the appearance, and Xiaomi Mi9 generally continues the design of the previous work. Especially the back and the border have a lot of shadows of Xiaomi Mi8. Let us take a look at the officially announced parameters:

  • Xiaomi Mi8 (154.9mm × 74.8mm × 7.6mm, 175g)
  • Xiaomi Mi9 (157.5mm × 74.65mm × 7.61mm, 173g)

We even found that Xiaomi Mi8 is actually “perfectly compatible” with Wang Yuan’s custom protective shell of Xiaomi Mi9! In appearance, compared to the previous game, Xiaomi Mi9 mainly upgraded the frontal forehead and chin, the back camera and the curved body.

The “wide bangs” design of the previous one was changed to a “full-screen full-screen” design with a clearer visual effect. Thanks to the shrinking of the bangs, the notification bar can display something that is almost identical to that of the non-profiled screen. Wireless fast charge + the most powerful dragon: millet 9 evaluation

As for the chin part, this lower border of Xiaomi Mi9 is only 3.6mm wide. According to Xiaomi’s official statement, this is achieved by introducing a new COF process, a narrower screen module, and further reducing the clearance area with only antenna switching technology.

The smaller forehead and the narrower chin also give the front of the Xiaomi Mi9 a larger screen, the screen is upgraded from 6.21 inches to 6.39 inches, and the pixels are upgraded from 2248×1080 to 2340×1080. It is obvious that the screen is longer.

In addition to the smaller forehead and narrower chin, Xiaomi Mi9 also comes standard with faster screen fingerprinting. After the actual measurement, Xiaomi Mi9 has a visible improvement compared with the fingerprint unlocking speed of the Xiaomi Mi8 screen fingerprint version.

Next, let’s take a look at the back of Xiaomi Mi9. The back cover of Xiaomi Mi9 adopts the full area design. In the visual effect, the mirror image is distorted, unlike the Xiaomi Mi8 is the flat mirror effect. Together with the “Nano-holographic texture process” and “Optical Brightening Coating”, the Xiaomi Mi9 is able to reflect a colored, curved spot with the viewing angle and light.


Compared with Xiaomi Mi8, the biggest increase in the back is a new three-shot lens. The three vertically aligned cameras are a 12-megapixel telephoto lens from top to bottom, a 48-megapixel Sony IMX586 lens with ultra-high resolution, and a 16MP ultra-wide-angle lens.

Cameras Samples

Let’s talk about the three lenses of Xiaomi Mi9 and the actual imaging effect.

Xiaomi’s main camera uses the Sony IMX586 (48 Megapixels, 1/2-inch outsole, supports four-in-one 1.6µm large pixels). It can bring a super high resolution in the daytime outdoor light-filled scene, and dark at night. In the scene of light photography, it can bring brighter imaging effects by a larger amount of light.

In the daytime wide angle, there is also a 12-megapixel long portrait lens commonly used on the Xiaomi flagship model and a new 16MP super wide-angle lens that can reach 120 degrees, supporting 4cm ultra close-range shooting.


Speaking of the performance of Xiaomi Mi9, you have to mention the Snapdragon 855 it carries.

This is called “the most powerful processor on the planet” by Lei Jun. It uses TSMC’s 7nm process technology and introduces a new Kryo 485 architecture triple cluster CPU. Our 8GB+128GB version of Xiaomi Mi9 is divided into 370,000 in Antu rabbits, which is more than 70,000 points compared with 845+8GB+128GB.

In the game experience, we will directly skip the king glory this game, let’s take a look at the chicken battlefield. Currently, Xiaomi Mi9 supports HDR HD quality and ultra-high frame rate.

After the actual measurement, the whole frame of 40 frames is stable. Parachute landing, walking position to open the mirror, the ground to fight back without any mud and water.

MIUI Experience

In terms of system, Xiaomi Mi9 is pre-installed with MIUI 10 system based on Android 9.0 deep customization. Xiaomi’s MIUI 10 has already made numerous optimizations for full-screen phones, such as a full-screen gesture operation that is more in line with the use of intuition.

Different from other Xiaomi mobile phones, Xiaomi Mi9 also enjoys the independent AI button, we can call out the small love shortcut center with one click. In addition, you can quickly call out the small love classmates and mobile payment functions by long pressing the fingerprint identification button.

In addition to the full-screen gestures and small love students, the Xiaomi flagship phone has to mention its powerful NFC function. Xiaomi Mi9 uses the same NXP new-generation NFC chip as the iPhone XS series, and the official claim that the transaction speed is 30%. Xiaomi’s NFC function not only supports up to 160 urban transportation cards, but also supports the UF’s near-field payment.

Fast charge

Xiaomi Mi9 has a built-in 3300mAh battery, supports 27W wired fast charge (charge pump half-pressure direct charge technology) and 20W wireless fast charge. Wired and wireless dual fast charging is a major feature of Xiaomi Mi9.

In our actual measurement, Xiaomi Mi9 can be charged from 0 to 70% in half an hour, and it takes only one hour to fill.


Experience it, it is time to make a summary. From the hyperboloid of Xiaomi Mi5 to the four-curved Xiaomi Mi6, and then to Xiaomi Mi8 and Xiaomi Mi9. The colorful curved glass body seems to have become a feature of the Xiaomi digital series mobile phone.

In Xiaomi Mi9, the place that Xiaomi Mi9 gave me the most impressive is the set of eye-catching three-shot lens and the “standard” of the 999+6GB+128GB price of 2,999 yuan ($446.23). I believe that in the next six months, this configuration and price can make Xiaomi Mi9 sit on the “most cost-effective” throne in the Android lineup. Xiaomi Mi9 after the “price increase” is still full of cost performance, I believe it will once again trigger a storm of panic buying.

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Update on March 13, 2019

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