Xiaomi Mi9 SE Review: Triple AI-Cameras With Glossy Design


At the press conference on February 20th, Lei Jun held Xiaomi Mi9 and couldn’t hide his smile to reflect his confidence in this product. After all, from the perspective of topicality and traffic, Xiaomi Mi9 is definitely the most popular model at the moment. In contrast, the Xiaomi Mi9 SE, which debuted later, seems to have lost some “aura”.

According to the official statement, this is a product specially designed for the small screen “iron powder”, but there are many people on the Internet who call it “the flagship simple version.” In short, the controversy about Xiaomi Mi9 SE is more than I expected.

So what is the performance of Xiaomi Mi9 SE? Can it bring the experience of the name “small screen flagship”? Let’s take a look at this article.

Design & Appearance

The time went back two years, and the 5.97-inch screen was absolutely out of touch with the “small screen”. However, with the development of technology, our perception of screen size is constantly changing. Thanks to the front of the Samsung AMOLED drop screen, the Xiaomi Mi9 SE still allows users to have a good view during viewing or gaming in the 147.5mm * 70.5mm * 7.45mm range.

In terms of perception, the quality of this screen is good, colorful and transparent, and almost no difference with Xiaomi Mi9. The corners of the screen are curved and echo the R angle around the phone. However, some of the obsessive-compulsive disorder is that the latest firmware in Xiaomi Mi9 SE forced the water droplets to slow down by occlusion, but the original shape can still be seen under strong light. This “hidden” effect cannot be manually turned off in the current system version, and it is hoped that Xiaomi will provide this switch in subsequent versions.

At first glance, the front of the Xiaomi Mi9 SE is almost the same as the Xiaomi Mi9. In addition to the “water droplets” mentioned above, the clearance area at the bottom of the screen is also narrow. Because this generation of products uses a new COF process and smart antenna switching technology, the width of the lower border of the Xiaomi Mi9 SE is much smaller than that of the previous generation, and it looks no longer awkward.

Different from the front, the back of the Xiaomi Mi9 SE does not use the full-surface body design of Xiaomi Mi9. A flat 2.5D glass with nano-laser holographic process makes it more visually pleasing, and any light can make it The back has a colorful glow.

There must be some loss, and the beautiful appearance often needs careful care. Xiaomi Mi9 SE’s back of the phone is more susceptible to fingerprints, and you want to keep it clean as new as possible. Or with a water jacket is also a good choice.

Strictly speaking, although the Xiaomi Mi9 SE does not use a full-surface design, the smaller body with a rounded middle frame, plus the weight of only 155g, makes it feel more like a heart than the Xiaomi Mi9. I have to say that the small screen mobile phone does have its own unique charm. In the current buzzword, it is always necessary to “make it”.

Performance & Battery

It is important to know that Xiaomi has a right to speak to the upper reaches. This time, the Xiaomi Mi9 SE is undoubtedly the first show of Qualcomm Snapdragon 712.

As you can see from the name, Snapdragon 712 is actually a small change of Snapdragon 710. As a quasi-flagship platform, the chip uses an efficient architecture that supports artificial intelligence, integrates a multi-core artificial intelligence engine, and has neural network processing capabilities. In terms of performance and power consumption, the Adreno 616 GPU and Kryo 360 CPU architecture are also escorted. The overall performance is up to 10% higher than the Snapdragon 710.

However, from the actual experience, this small increase is difficult for users to have an intuitive feeling. In the game, Xiaomi Mi9 SE performed fairly well, the average frame rate was maintained at a certain level, and there was no obvious fever in the game for a long time.

It is understood that Xiaomi Mi9 SE supports Game Turbo game acceleration, which greatly improves the game frame rate and stability by calling processor performance. At the same time, you can customize the screen sensitivity, the performance of the hand, the edge suppression range, and get the gaming experience of the e-sports level. The official said that the feature will be acquired through the OTA upgrade at the end of March when the site will update the experience for the first time.

In terms of battery life, the Xiaomi Mi9 SE battery capacity is 3070mAh, which is beyond my expectation, but I don’t support the 27W wired fast charge of Xiaomi Mi9 which makes me a little regret. Fortunately, the 18W fast charge is reserved, and the standard 18W fast charger is standard, which is much stronger than a certain.


Like Xiaomi Mi9, Xiaomi Mi9 SE is equipped with the fifth generation of screen fingerprint recognition technology, and its speed and recognition rate have been fully certified in the previous Xiaomi Mi9 evaluation.

Once again, the screen fingerprinting of Xiaomi Mi9 SE does not need to be pressed hard. Just touch the screen with your finger to complete the process of recognition? unlocking in a short time. It is worth mentioning that unless it is wet hands, dry hands, low temperature or strong light will not affect the recognition effect, and most of the scenes can be used with peace of mind.

In addition, Xiaomi bundles five commonly used shortcut functions with the screen fingerprint recognition depth. After the activation mode is selected in the system, you can realize: long press the outgoing menu on the fingerprint icon and then slide to the icon to start the application, or directly after unlocking Slide to the corresponding direction to activate the app.

It sounds complicated, but in practice, I personally feel that the second way is more convenient. It takes about one second from unlocking to activating the app, and it can be almost blindly operated after getting used to it. Moreover, like WeChat / Alipay payment code, WeChat / Alipay sweep, etc. are all functions used in high-frequency life, this quick start is quite easy. The only pity is that there are only five preset functions including Xiao Ai, and I hope that the subsequent versions will allow users to customize the application here.


On the back of the fuselage of the Xiaomi Mi9 SE, there is a vertical arrangement of three-shot lens consistent with Xiaomi Mi9, and even the holographic illusion angel eyes of the outer lens of the top lens are the same. Officials said that this “small screen flagship” uses the same main lens as the contemporary digital flagship, namely 48MP Sony IMX586 flagship sensor, while the other two lenses are 13 Megapixel super wide-angle lens and 8 million pixel telephoto lens.

In terms of function, Xiaomi Mi9 SE is exactly the same as Xiaomi Mi9: support super wide-angle mode, AI scene recognition, handheld super night scene, 960 frames of super slow motion. Of course, the custom watermark and the 48MP ultra clear mode are also available, so the imaging effect is quite expected.

Wide Angle Sample

From the proofs, thanks to the software AI scene camera blessing, Xiaomi Mi9 SE is still good in many scenes, there is not much ambiguity and excellent perception, and the distortion correction under the super wide angle is good. However, the problem of slightly slower focusing speed and a slightly slower shutter response speed sometimes occurs, and in some cases, it affects the camera experience a bit.

Verdict & Buy

In fact, for the Xiaomi Mi9 SE this product, I personally quite favor. After all, after getting used to the big screen mobile phone, the weight of this 155g and the small size are really pleasing, especially the small classmates, how easy it is to hold one hand with ease!

Of course, the excellent feel is only part of the many features of the Xiaomi Mi9 SE, holographic color, 48MP main shooting, NFC, fifth-generation screen fingerprints, etc. This product does give users a sub-flagship experience. Grab Now Xiaomi Mi9 SE Only on Geekbuying For Just at $399.99 on Pre-Sale.

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