Xiaomi Mi9 Series Will Releasing in new Phones or Name Xiaomi Mi 9T: With the Lift Camera


Xiaomi has officially released the flagship mobile phone Xiaomi Mi9 series in Beijing, including Xiaomi Mi9 and Xiaomi Mi9 SE. Now, the family of Xiaomi Mi9 will grow again.

Yesterday evening, Xiaomi’s official overseas account released a message saying that Xiaomi Mi9 will be releasing in a new phone. The name of this new phone has not yet been determined. It may be called Xiaomi Mi 9T, Xiaomi Mi 9I, and Xiaomi Mi 9K.

According to the spy photos released by the poster, the new machine will use a pop-up camera, the front is a complete full screen, and there is a certain 3D arc on both sides of the screen, close to the effect of the curved screen.

The processor should use Snapdragon 855, and other aspects of the news are still uncertain.

Regarding naming, there is news that the possibility of Xiaomi Mi 9T will be greater, because a new model of M1903F10G appeared in the NBTC certification website in Thailand, and the data display was named Xiaomi Mi 9T.

This new Xiaomi Phone has also obtained NCC from Taiwan, ECE of Eurasia, and IMDA certification from Singapore. This shows that this will be a global mobile phone.

However, it is very interesting that the Redmi K20/K20 Pro will be sold in Europe under the names of Xiaomi Mi 9T and Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro. The naming method is also applicable to Russia and Poland.

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In this way, there seems to be a conflict in the naming, so some Peoples judge that this Xiaomi Mi9 series mysterious new phone may be the Redmi K20 Pro.

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