Xiaomi Mi9 Tear Down Review: The Interior Design is Superb


Recently, Xiaomi held a press conference in Beijing and officially released its annual flagship mobile phone Xiaomi Mi9. Its code name “Battle of the Angels” is known as a good-looking and can be played.

On February 24th, Wang Teng, product director of Xiaomi Company, publicly showed the detailed dismantling diagram of Xiaomi Mi9 engineering machine. Next, we will take a look at the structure design of the phones through this set of pictures to understand the millet that is not reflected. Xiaomi Mi9 work materials.

After disassembling the back cover, you can see the wireless charging coil and NFC of Xiaomi Mi9, and the 20w wireless charging coil is praised by Wang Teng himself. “It’s very cool. It looks very valuable at first glance!” However, this huge wireless charging ring also occupies a considerable space inside the phone.

Next, it removed the wireless charging coil and saw the battery. Through the relevant information attached to the battery, we learned that the battery of Xiaomi Mi9 is manufactured by Xinwangda. This is a 20w wireless charging coil and NFC components that are separately disassembled.

Here, the middle frame of the main board, the battery, and the small board have been removed. You can see the middle frame of the whole CNC. The heat-dissipating gel can be seen in the upper middle. The fingerprint recognition module can be seen in the lower middle. A large-size Z-axis motor is on the right.

This is the back of the motherboard of Xiaomi Mi9, mainly RF and power devices. Here Wang Teng said that this part of the device has done P2i life waterproofing. The publicly available data shows that P2i is coated with a layer of polymer in nanometers. This film is attached to the surface of the product in molecular form and is inseparable. Even if liquid flows into the device, it will not affect the components.

Look at the front of the motherboard, is the Snapdragon 855, memory and sim card slot.

There are three camera modules here, and you can see that the 48-megapixel main camera IMX586 is quite large. Its pixel size is 0.8um, 1/2” photosensitive area, FOV 79°, F/1.75 aperture, 6P lens, support 4in1 to achieve 1200MP+1.6um large pixels.

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The speaker at the bottom of the 1217 can be seen to be very large, which is the guarantee of the sound quality performance upgraded by the Xiaomi Mi9.

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Update on March 13, 2019

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