Xiaomi Miband 2 vs Fitbit Alta Smart Band Review


Xiaomi recently released its very competitive smart band, Xiaomi Miband 2. Although its price is improved, the functions and OLED display has also enhanced which can compete with the famous brand Fitbit Alta in functions and design. So let’s see which one is worthwhile to experience first.

Price Comparison


Xiaomi Miband 2 sells at $30 according to official price which improved compared with its Xiaomi miband 1s. But it is still very competitive in its price. However, Fitbit Alta sells at $133 which is 5 times more expensive than MIband 2. So from the price, they are not the same level.

Design Comparison



Fitbit Alta is similar to Xiaomi miband 2 in design idea. Both adopts removable rubber strap, and dual button fixed ways. In addition, the sizes are also similar. So they are even in design.

Main Body Contrast

Fitbit Alta has no button in its body with sleek and smooth design. It uses a large number of stainless steel material, looking much higher-end. Xiaomi miband 2 used the polycarbonate and ABS engineering plastics,  its surfacehas scratch-resistant and prevent fingerprints coating. In UV coating processing, paint flatness is good and can prevent fingerprints. The display uses black effect with aesthetic feeling. Its back uses grinding process which can fit with skin better. Xiaomi miband 2 has 0.42inch OLED screen. Its Fitbit Alta has larger screen about 1inch, and it can show more contents, but they both have disadvantage in sunlight.

When you use Fitbit Alta, you only need to lift your wrist or click the top of the wrist strap, the screen will be on. But Xiaomi miband 2 support gesture recognition and it can also support lift wrist with screen on, in addition, it can touch volume button of aluminum alloy . In general, both of them have nice experience. But the cheaper one, Xiaomi miband 2 has one more function like heart rate sensor than Fitbit Alta. Therefore, Xiaomi miband 2 can win.


Wristband contrast

Xiaomi miband 2 wristband uses the solid elastic materials. It will be better for your skin. And the wrist buckle also uses aluminum alloy. Compared with the first generation, miband 1s, Miband 2 wristband is softer, but it is hard in general. Fitbit Alta uses TPU and its wrist button also uses aluminum alloy, but two buckles. In general, Fitbit Alta wristband is difficult to tighten. And its anti-slipping function makes this band easier to hide dirt.

Fitbit Alta has a function with fast unlocking the wristband. You can replace your wristband freely. You can choose the rubber wristband, or other leather or metal wristband. But the price of rubber wristband at $33, the leather wristband at 60usd, and metal wristband at 100usd are hard to accept. If we buy all, we can buy an Apple watch.

But Xiaomi miband 2 support the wristband unlocking, too, but more convenient and faster than Fitbit Alta. Xiaomi miband 2 has black, blue, green, orange wristband, but not many material options.


Charging and Battery Life Contrast

Fitbit Alta battery can charge one time for about one week usage, but xiaomi miband 2 has 70mAh battery for more than two-week use. In battery life, Xiaomi miband 2 can win.

In power charging, both has their original power adapter, but Xiaomi miband 2 can use the power adapter of miband 1s. It only takes the body out when charging, but Fitbit Alta can charge directly, but its fixed way takes a little time.

Function Comparison

First, Xiaomi miband 2 and Fitbit Alta both supports waterproof IP67 function. Both can protect themselves when dipping into water for a short time, and you can still wear them when taking showing or watch your hands.

Fitbit Alta has also basic functions that all of smart tracking devices have such as pedometer, distance recording, calories burning, activity time, and sleep monitoring. Fitbit Alta can show the phone call from android and IOS phone, message, and calendar reminder, but it doesn’t have heart rate sensor.

Xiaomi miband 2 can be used for phone, just download xiaomi sports APP, which supports android4.4 over and IOS 7.0 over version smartphone with bluetooth 4.0.  It has the basic daily needs such as phone calls reminding, the alarm clock, APP notifications, sedentary remind, SMS alerts, etc. Heart rate is the highlight of Xiaomi miband 2, besides heart rate, it can also support running heart rate guidance which is one more function than Fitbit Alta.

Both of them can make management by software to test our height, age, weight, etc. And it can also set up your sports goal, monitor your sleep quality, walking step, etc. So it has done well in its software.


In conclusion, Xiaomi Miband 2 and Fitbit Alta are one of the most smart bands. They have no difference much in their design. Xiaomi Miband 2 has one more heart rate function and longer battery life than Fitbit Alta. But Miband 2 is 5 times cheaper than Fitbit Alta, So do you know how to choose now? Here is the coupon code: GBMI2 to get it at SP: $25.99.

Start End Items (English)   pro price Coupon Amount
11.21 11.30 xiaomi miband 2 16.11 BAND2 3000


  1. You said Miband 2 supports running heart rate guidance. How can I use it? Can I use it while running with RunKeeper?

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