Xiaomi Miiw Smart Mouse Pad Released With Wireless Charging and Crowdfunding Price Is $31.80


Today Xiaomi raises a new product on the shelves – the Miiw smart mouse pad, and its crowdfunding price is 199 yuan. Miiw smart mouse pad uses competitive PC surface coating, has excellent smooth performance, can quickly respond to precise positioning, to meet the needs of multiple scenes of office and games. In addition to being used as an ordinary mouse pad, the Qi wireless charging module is further equipped to charge the mouse and the mobile phone at any time. In addition, the Miiw intelligent mouse pad also won the red dot design award.

According to the report, the Miiw smart mouse pad charging power can reach a maximum at 7.5 watts (generally charging 5 watts), a dual demodulation mechanism, and a charging efficiency of 75%. Miiw smart mouse pad supports intelligent identification, and also built-in excellent temperature control technology to ensure the safety of the device during charging. After the device is fully charged, it will automatically power off to prevent overcharging and protect the safety of the battery.

The Miiw smart mouse pad is also equipped with an aluminum alloy knob, using the CD pattern touch disk, can be changed by a simple click action, different light modes left and right rotation can change about 16.8 million color RGB light color. By downloading the official Smartpad software, you can also experience the feedback of lighting effects on the computer and control the volume of the computer.

It is understood that the Xiaomi Miiw smart mouse pad is delivered by Beijing Rice Technology Co Ltd. and provides after-sales services. After the end of crowdfunding, it is expected that shipments will begin on May 8, 2018. Do you think that the 199 yuan ($31.80) smart mouse pad is worth buying?

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