Xiaomi MiJia 360° Smart WiFi IP Camera – Best Security Camera For Just $59.99 at @Lightinthebox


Xiaomi MiJia Smart Home 360° Camera is a controllable network camera with the Mi Home app, with the ability to rotate automatically on the horizontal axis of 360 degrees and the vertical one of a few degrees, this, combined with the shooting angle of 100.2 degrees, allows complete monitoring of the environment around the room.

Xiaomi MiJia Smart Home 360 ° camera has a non cantilevered design, which helps you to freely adjust the shooting angle using the Smart Home application. Now you can get a better idea of what is happening on the screen, and all members of your big family will easily fit into a frame together in the video of any event.

This compact, metal-framed Ip Cam enables you to monitor your home network by connecting to your WiFi network. Through the dedicated app, you can watch the video streaming and rotate the camera, both via commands and in automatic mode, thanks to the feature that allows you to follow people’s movements or shots. The room is equipped with infrared lights for a video shot even in the absence of light.

This camera is equipped with an Ambarella S2LM image processor, an OV sensor and a 3.6 mm lens with 6 lens lenses with F-aperture / 1.8. These features allow you to record full HD 1080p video, even in dark environments and support the Magic Zoom digital up to 4x. Equipped with microphone and speaker allows you to listen to and interact with people shooting. Thanks to the advanced DSP processing technology, the MIJIA team has achieved excellent audio quality, so you will only hear a pleasant voice without annoying interference and noises.

With the Xiaomi MiJia Smart Home 360° camera you can always count on a secure and clear communication with your family, this makes it a great baby monitor, thanks to this IP camera you can control your children and talk to them without being physically present in the room. The Xiaomi MiJia’s 360 ° Smart Home Camera has a night vision function. Thanks to the 10 infrared LEDs that turn on automatically when the lights are off or when the evening is falling, you will not have to worry about what’s going on at home or in the office.

Using advanced image analysis algorithms, the camera can accurately capture a moving object. The room can be set to light up and record by person or object automatically, sending a notification message with a short movie on your mobile phone. Xiaomi Mijia Mi Smart Home Smart IP Camera 360 has a quite unique design and may be more similar to a special CCTV camera to monitor the movement of children at home. Xiaomi Yi Dome can take video with 1080P Image Quality and Equip with Motion Tracking, Its unique feature is its ability to move up to 360 degrees. Now its Sale on Lightinthebox in Flash Sale at $59.99 for Limited Time


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