Xiaomi MIJia Air Purifier 4 Pro Officially Released at 1,299 yuan, $199


On September 1, Xiaomi released Mijia air purifier 4 Pro, pre-sale price 1499 yuan, deposit 100 can be 300 yuan, hand price 1299 yuan, $199.

Mijia Air purifier 4 Pro continues the square and vertical modeling of previous generations, 360° air inlet on all sides and air outlet at the top. Different from the past, the new top grille can be unscrewed and removed, which is easy to clean the fan blade and air duct and avoid secondary pollution.

It also has an OLED screen that can display PM2.5 data in real time, a three-color light bar that gives intuitive feedback on indoor air quality, and different operating modes can be adjusted as needed.

Mijia air purifier 4 Pro uses five layers of integrated strong filter element, filter element size upgrade, diameter, height have increased, at the same time increased the number of folds of the filter element, folding height to improve the spread area of the filter material, and activated carbon holding capacity, the replacement of compartment is up to 9 months.

In terms of performance, Mijia Air purifier 4 Pro can transport 8330L of clean air per minute, and the CADR value of particulate matter is up to 500m³/h. The air output in 3 minutes is equivalent to the air volume of 10 square meters of children’s room.

Formaldehyde CADR value is as high as 200m³/h, formaldehyde removal rate is 95.37% in 1 hour, aldehyde removal ability is increased by 185%.

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Its filter element also uses antibacterial, antiviral double coating, it can inactivate part of the bacterial virus, 99.99% H1N1 virus, 99.99% staphylococcus aureus, 99.99% escherichia coli, influenza season, protect children, the elderly, pregnant women and other susceptible people.


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