Xiaomi Mijia Cat Disk Drive Review: a Shareable Smart Hard Disk with 1TB Large Capacity Now Sale at Geekbuying For Just $109.99 (Coupon Inside)


In recent years, the increase in mobile devices and new tools such as social networks have facilitated mechanisms that allow us to generate enormous amounts of information per day: messages, photos, videos, emails, etc. The rise of computing solutions that use ” the cloud ” as a foundation has revolutionized the way in which users manage information. Platforms like Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox or Mega are the most used by consumers today. However, to choose a good cloud storage service we must take into account several factors such as the amount of storage available and the price of different subscriptions. Therefore, today we will talk about Xiaomi Mijia Cat Disk, the new wireless storage device recently included in the Xiaomi catalog that allows users to master their own data and store and share digital content safely and for free. You can connect almost all home devices to the smart CatDrive storage. All the movies, photos, music, and files stored on it will be automatically sorted by category. You can view your files anytime and anywhere.


Xiaomi Mijia Cat Smart Hard Drive has an unusual shape, the shape of the cylinder. The device has an exclusive, conspicuous design. The body is made of a material that has a matte texture. On the upper surface, there is a gold border. In addition to stylish appearance, the device has a smart stuffing. Xiaomi Mijia Cat Smart Hard Drive is able to independently make a backup, supports multi-user mode. an undeniable advantage is that access to it can be obtained from anywhere, there is no binding to the wires and the workplace. Elegant round shape, frosted silicone spraying, materials that are pleasant to the touch and an elegant gold ring are clearly inherent in the product of the highest quality. A color LED logo-indicator with a breath effect creates a finished image and gives the device a special charm. A special silicone coating is resistant to abrasion, there are no fingerprints on it, it protects from slipping and is pleasant to the touch. The ring is made on an automated CNC machine and gives the device a luxurious appearance. When a data is written or read to a disc, the logo lights up in blue and breathes, as if alive. As for its dimension, it weighs 924 gr. and dimensions of 130 mm in diameter x 52 mm in height.

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Hardware & Features

Inside, there is a SoC Marvell Armada clocked at 1 GHz, 8 GB for the ROM and 512 MB of RAM. In addition, the storage will be on a 2.5-inch hard drive with a capacity of 1 TB. The latter will be cooled by an ultra-quiet cooling system. For the connection on the back, there is a power supply and an Ethernet port. The latter is to link to your internet box.

A simple and intuitive design allows you to quickly share files. All photos are displayed in a chronological order convenient for viewing. Thanks to the built-in explorer, you can select the desired files and send them via WeChat or any other convenient application. At the same time, you do not need to download files, just select them and share them with the recipient. Stable and reliable operation of the device provides a dual-core Marvell processor, allowing multiple users to synchronize files, listen to music and watch videos without problems and hangs. A shock-resistant and vibration-free 2.5 “1000GB hard drive is connected through a SATA 3.0 connector, which, along with a Gigabit Ethernet port, provides unparalleled data transfer speed.

CatDrive is safer than the cloud and smarter than an external drive. Thanks to automatic backup saving, you now do not lose important files, and your device does not run out of memory. Personal space will ensure the safety of your files. Logging in with a phone number and SMS eliminates the need to remember passwords. Volumetric, noiseless and shock-resistant hard disk capacity of 1 TB will serve a long and faithful service to all family members. Your data is protected from leaks because they are in your hands.

Using the CatDrive application, you can create shared folders or zones. For general access, you can select from 9 photos or files, video or audio recordings of 20 MB in size. Files are instantly available to the invited party even without the need to download additional memory to your device. Thanks to the high speed of exchange and synchronization, you can instantly share your working documents with colleagues or your favorite photos with family members! You can access important work documents at any time and from any device. Due to the high speed of the home network, even large files are quickly synchronized and downloaded from any device. You can configure automatic saving of all photos and videos from your smartphone to the device and do not worry about their safety or the free memory of your device. All family members can drop their files in one convenient place and share them with each other.


Wherever you are – at home, at work or on vacation abroad, your files will be available to you at any time. You can upload and view photos or movies, edit documents or listen to music as if all files are on your device. Other similar products may have offered you an additional subscription for the protection of your data. However, the Xiaomi Mijia CatDrive Wireless Smart Hard Drive is totally independent and free. An app is available on Google Play to manage file transfers. Currently, We can buy it from Geekbuying at $109.99 after coupon code: UISCKJSM


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