Xiaomi Mijia Digital Female Basic Thermometer Design, Features Review (Geekbuying)


Xiaomi turns to women? For a little while, the Chinese firm has released more and more products for them. Today a new product has been made official on the crowdfunding platform and it obviously concerns them. The product of the day is not usual. Indeed, the Xiaomi Mijia Miaomiaoce Smart Female Thermometer is intended to help couples to procreate. This is a sensitive topic because the use of such a product is usually done by women who can not get pregnant. Let’s discover together what is behind this product.


The Xiaomi Mijia Miaomiaoce Smart Female Thermometer has a small dimension that can easily fit in the pockets and pockets of pregnant women and quickly calculate their body temperature at any time, and inform the app with detailed statistics of these calculations. Xiaomi has already designed several thermometers for the room or user, but she has offered a thermometer specifically for pregnant women. As you know, having accurate data on the temperature of a pregnant woman on different days helps a lot of maternal and maternal health and is very useful in preventing the development of various illnesses. This thermometer has very small dimensions and weights and easily fits inside your bag and pocket. Xiaomi has designed a silicone coating for easier and safer maintenance, with the thermometer easily positioned inside and protected from damage such as scratching and impact. This thermometer supplies energy to a coin battery.


As the name suggests it is a thermometer. The latter adapts to each woman according to the cycles of their rules. It is placed in the mouth to take exact values for each measurement. Thanks to its very precise Texas Instruments sensor and its small LCD screen it will be very easy to detect any temperature change of 0.05 ° C. By placing the upper part of the inner-mouth thermometer, it can measure body temperature and display it digitally on the display in the body of the thermometer. This thermometer has an app that can be attached to the mobile phone and you can get total statistics and a full cycle of body temperature on different days. The temperature is very fast and is confirmed with a beep. Thus by having a regular monitoring of their temperature, they will know their precise date of ovulation in order to put all the chances on their side to get pregnant. The Xiaomi Mijia Miaomiaoce Smart Female Thermometer has a Bluetooth connection to transmit the data collected to a smartphone. The smart calendar of the associated application will send you notifications to warn you if the temperature changes in due time.


Xiaomi Ecosystem company Mijia Miaomiaoce Smart Female Thermometer is expanding its ‘Mi Ecosystem’ to a host of different product categories to become a world-class electronics company with a reach far beyond China. Accurate temperature measurement, Smart record, Science prepares for pregnancy, Special Design, Digital Thermometer Oral special. The Xiaomi Mijia Miaomiaoce Smart Female Thermometer will be available for sale on Geekbuying at a price of $26.99 to use coupon code: QKSPCYIT  .


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