Xiaomi Mijia Door Refrigerator With 430L Large Capacity


Xiaomi today launched a cross-door Xiaomi Mijia refrigerator with a large capacity of 430L, and the price is only 2199 yuan. This refrigerator uses Moyu rock metal slate, which has high hardness, delicate touch, and can be attached to refrigerator magnets.

It has an extra-wide refrigerated space and 17 compartments for storing a variety of ingredients. The refrigerator compartment is specially equipped with an independent variable greenhouse, which can freely adjust different temperature modes according to the type of ingredients, seasonal changes, and cooking needs, and the storage of ingredients is more flexible.

At the same time, Xiaomi Mijia Door Refrigerator is equipped with a silver ion antibacterial and deodorant module, which can adsorb and decompose odor molecules in the refrigerator to create a fresh space. According to official data, it can reach a 99.99% antibacterial rate, 98.4% trimethylamine deodorization rate, and methyl mercaptan deodorization rate. reached 91%.

In addition, this refrigerator has a strong cooling capacity. It can freeze 7.5kg of food in 12 hours. It has a three-way surrounding three-dimensional air supply, and the cooling is fast. The food is not easy to be smelled, and it can be kept fresh for a long time.

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The refrigerator door is also equipped with an LED touch panel, which is simple and easy to understand and can be easily operated by the elderly at home. 3 cooling modes can be adjusted; the overhead LED lighting, the light is soft and not dazzling; and it can also be connected to the Mijia APP, which can be controlled remotely; Support Xiao Ai, you can control the refrigerator mode and adjust the temperature by voice.

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