Xiaomi Mijia induction cooker Released: Dual-Frequency Fire Precision Temperature Control Priced at $45.50


Today Xiaomi announced the introduction of Mijia induction cooker, priced at 299 yuan($45.50) and it’ll be available December 22 at 10:00 am for sale, at the side of the release there’s Mi custom know my soup pot, priced at 99 yuan($15.06).

Xiaomi Mijia induction cooker is a circular design and is divided by the control mode, induction cooker can be divided into button-operated (market share of 90%) and knob-operated induction cooker (market share of 0%) in 2 categories, most of the traditional induction cooker panel buttons to manage the prevalence of fire control Not intuitive, complicated operation and other problems.

Xiaomi Mijia induction cooker knob control, triple operation design, both the screen, the button is additionally a knob switch, the operation is more intuitive, more suitable for kitchen novice and cooking enthusiasts to use. Simulate the normal gas stove fire control mode, gently turn, fine-tuning, but also can quickly adjust the sharp firepower, 99 file fire regulation, fire stalls numerical simulation dual display, intuitive visual, so that the cooking process fully control.

Through the product, a panel can opt for the hot pot, cooking, soup porridge, cooking, frying, and timing, fire regulation and other basic functions. With App, you can not solely switch cooking modes freely however conjointly customize and install unlimited functions, wherever you look, you can find the right heating solution.

Xiaomi Mijia induction cooker built-in hydropower safety isolation structure, the relative separation of the micro-crystal panel and the electromagnetic coil, water stains can be promptly discharged, do not touch any live parts or wires, to avoid the chance of leakage due to accidents, the use of more peace of mind.

The current worth of the pot is 99 yuan, on the entire, the Mijia induction cooker has a comparable Japanese high-end induction cooker hardware configuration, while the value is simply 299 yuan, can be described as cost-effective. Xiaomi Mijia induction cooker and know my soup pot custom version with 2 products will be at 22 o’clock on the December 22 in Mi Mall / Mi Home /Lynx / JD / Suning simultaneous sale.

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