Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioning C1 Releasing April 9th, Level 1 Energy Efficiency, Self-Cleaning!


As previously announced, on April 1, the Mijia Internet Air Conditioning C1 series was officially released, supporting the Mijia app remote control and Xiaoai classmate voice control, and introduced the self-cleaning function for the first time.   

From now on, Mijia Internet Air Conditioning C1 will open a pre-sale activity in Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin and Tmall Mall, and will be sold on April 9th. Among them, Mijia Internet air conditioner C1 first-class energy efficiency price 2799 yuan, rice noodle section first sale price 2399 yuan, Mi home Internet air conditioner C1 three-level energy efficiency price 2399 yuan ($357.45), rice noodle section first sale price 2199 yuan ($327.65).

Self-cleaning function is one of the highlights of the new function of C1. In this mode, the air conditioner internal evaporator evaporates rapidly, freezes the dust on the evaporator fins, and then starts the defrosting work to separate the dust from the fins. Then, the bacteria are sterilized by high-temperature drying, thereby automatically cleaning the inner fins of the air conditioner, thereby suppressing the growth of bacteria and prolonging the mildew resistance, and greatly reducing the cumbersome work of manual cleaning.

In addition, this function is combined with an efficient antibacterial filter to make the air conditioner more healthy and fresh. Mijia Internet Air Conditioning C1 also has the functions of cold air, moisturizing, and cooling, child lock, etc. The humanized design is in place. The new product continues the exquisite workmanship of the previous generation, with a six-year warranty, far more than the traditional air conditioner one-year warranty, more assured.

Not only that, but Mijia Internet Air Conditioning C1 also supports a series of intelligent functions such as intelligent voice control by Xiao Ai, remote control of Mijia app, and intelligent interconnection with temperature and humidity sensors.

In terms of appearance, the Mijia Internet Air Conditioner C1 continues the classic design of the previous generation of pure white minimalist style, which can easily integrate into different home styles. The “Big Eyes” round LED display in the lower right corner of the front of the product makes the air conditioner look simple, fresh but not stiff. In addition, the UV-resistant ABS panel is durable and resistant to discoloration, and there is no need to worry about the drop in color value.

In terms of configuration, this air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 1.5 horsepower and belongs to the national first-class energy efficiency product. The APF is 4.77, and the roundness is higher than the national first-class energy efficiency standard (4.5). Under the same conditions, the energy efficiency of the inverter three-level energy-efficient air conditioner product is 20 %, greener.

The core component is a full DC inverter compressor, which has high heat exchange efficiency. The frequency conversion operation makes the air conditioning refrigeration and heating more stable and efficient, avoiding the problem of indoor hot and cold and unstable temperature.

In addition, the air volume of 650m3 / h with 98mm super large cross-flow fan, to achieve rapid cooling, heating, and make indoor air flow more efficient, greatly reducing the temperature difference in different areas, so that every corner of the room temperature pleasant.

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It is worth mentioning that this Xiaomi Mijia Internet Air Conditioning C1 has been improved and evolved in terms of fans, wind passages, air ducts, etc., as far as possible to keep the air volume stable and reduce airflow disturbance, so as to reduce the noise of air conditioning operation, in silent mode, The noise is as low as 22 decibels.

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