Xiaomi Mijia Lydsto R1 Vacuum Cleaner Offered at $375.19


Xiaomi has surprised us again with a brand new robot vacuum cleaner, with a really competitive price and amazing performance. If you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner with smart features, good performance, and novel design, please immediately refer to Xiaomi’s brand new robot line, the Xiaomi Lydsto R1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

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The diameter is 350 mm, and the height, taking into account the lidar, is 98 mm. The lidar is equipped with a tactile sensor, so it will not get stuck under the sofa. Of the controls on the body – two buttons with orange indications: you can turn on the cleaning or return the robot to the base. Slots are made in the bumper for the front and side sensors. A rubber shock absorber was glued from below, so you don’t have to worry about mirrors and polishing.

Dust Tank

Lydsto R1 has a connected charging and waste station in one. It is in the charging base that there is a 3-liter container with a dirtbag. It is disposable and is enough for dozens of vacuums. You will find 7 bags directly in the package, which is above standard. Messages on the station monitor and mobile applications will alert you to their occupancy.

Powerful Suction

Lydsto R1 is equipped with a powerful suction force of 2700Pa, with a maximum working area of ​​200 square meters. This allows the robot to vacuum up any dirt that exists around your nest. Modern design 2-in-1 trash can with automatic charger cum trash can. Not only helps the robot increase the dust storage volume, users do not need to empty the trash many times, but also helps the robot become compact, suitable for placing in any position in the house. In addition, the ability to automatically vacuum garbage also creates unexpected convenience for users.

LDS Laser Navigation

LDS laser navigation maps and updates the floor plan of the cleaned area. Xiaomi Mijia Lydsto R1 always selects the most optimal cleaning route. Owners who have previously had other brands or older equipment agree that the Lydsto R1 really has a cleaning system. It vacuums everywhere. She does not get lost and always finds her way, even if an unexpected obstacle appears.

Intelligent Sensors

Xiaomi Mijia Lydsto R1 was equipped with intelligent sensors. They guard the orientation in space. The robot thus avoids obstacles, does not fall down the stairs, and does not get stuck anywhere. In addition, it crosses obstacles up to a height of 2 cm. So he can playfully handle thresholds or transition rails.


You can also control the device from work, cars, or cafes. In the Mi Home application, you schedule the cleaning process – you set when and how often Xiaomi will vacuum. You will also enter a one-time cleaning order in the app. You also enter the suction power in it. It is also possible to view the route taken by the device for checking.


The high-capacity 5,200Mah Li-Ion battery promises up to 150 minutes of operation. During that time, Lydsto will clean up an area of ​​250 m2. Just to give you an idea – an apartment of 80 m2 can handle less than a quarter of an hour and consume approx.

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Where To Buy

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