Xiaomi MIJIA Mi G1 Review – Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Just $250 at Gearbest


Xiaomi is one of the most recommended brands in vacuum robots with its Mi Robot Vacuum. But although it is a benchmark in terms of quality/price, the truth is that there are even cheaper alternatives. Xiaomi has released a low-cost robot vacuum cleaner MIJIA Mi G1 Sweeping Robot cleaner, which received a triple filtering system and a design traditional for such devices. The Xiaomi MIJIA Mi G1 Sweeping Robot cleaner received a 200 ml precision water tank with a water pump. Thanks to the processor installed inside, the robot can economically control the level of water used, and can also measure the amount of water remaining in the tank.

Buy Xiaomi MIJIA Mi G1 From Gearbest


With a height of 82 millimeters, Xiaomi promotes that its new robot vacuum cleaner can go under furniture and sofas. A feature that most robot vacuums have. Regarding the wheels, the company explains that they are capable of climbing obstacles up to 1.7 cm. Its removable tank is 600ml, a large capacity that will allow us not to have to be emptying it after each cleaning. In addition, the Xiaomi MIJIA Mi G1 has large wheels capable of climbing obstacles of up to 1.7cm. It also has a small 200ml water tank that allows us to clean our home wet thanks to its electronically controlled mop.

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The Xiaomi MIJIA Mi G1 Sweeping Robot cleaner comes with a Japanese NIDEC motor with 2200Pa suction power. And supports 4-step suction power switching, which can sweep small hairs, lint, and dust, as well as large balls and beans. It also supports intelligent route planning. It also supports APP remote control to view the cleaning status and path in real-time, delineate the area to clean, point to where to clean and schedule cleaning. It also supports Xiao AI voice control and cleans up after a sentence. It can also link with the smart door lock. The work away from home sweeping robot starts to work, the cleaning is automatically recharging.

The Xiaomi MIJIA Mi G1 is designed with a professional mopping path. And comes with a 200ml intelligent precision electric control tank. And a micro-controlled water pump, with 3 precise control of the water output, long-term use without clogging. It can also sense the water output state, the chip intelligent control, do not move without water seepage, care for the wooden floor. Its power is powered by a 2,500mAh battery, which as a result offers up to 90 minutes of household cleaning.


The Xiaomi MIJIA Mi G1 robot can be programmed to clean different parts of the home. This doesn’t matter if the owner is around or not, it would clean it nicely. We can buy it from Gearbest at $250 in Flash Sale.

Buy Xiaomi MIJIA Mi G1 From Gearbest


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