Xiaomi Mijia Mite Removal Apparatus Released: 12000Pa Suction


Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi Mijia Mite Removal Apparatus, priced at 549 yuan. Adopting 85,000 rpm high-speed motor, 16kPa powerful suction “mites” power.

Mijia wireless mite removal instrument adopts a 20cm open large suction port design, which fits the surface of the mattress and increases the effective mite removal area. The large curved handle and double rollers on the rear make the touch more comfortable.

Today, its wired version of “Mijia Mite Eliminator” was officially released. The appearance is very similar, and the price is only 199 yuan. The new product is equipped with a 2300 rpm electric roller brush, supplemented by 12000Pa strong suction power, 99.9% UV-C sterilization rate, and 50°C hot air dehumidification, which will wipe out dust mites and bacteria.

There is a cleaning roller brush at the suction mouth of the Mijia Mite Eliminator. The independent motor drives the roller brush to rotate at a high speed and beat at the same time. The high frequency beats the surface of the fabric 10,000 times per minute so that the mites hidden in the deep and tightly connected to the fabric fibers can be easily photographed.

At the same time, the soft bristles on the roller brush penetrate deep into the gaps in the fabric, sweeping out the hidden dust and mites, and clean gently without damaging the fabric.

The Mijia Mite Removal Apparatus first uses the cyclone to separate the heart to separate dust particles from the gas, and then through a filter system consisting of a pinhole stainless steel filter, HEPA filter, and air filter sponge, the dust mites are tightly locked in the dust cup to ensure Fresh exhaust.

All components directly in contact with dust can be quickly disassembled and washed directly with water. When cleaning the components, use the attached cleaning brush to easily clean the entangled hair.

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The Xiaomi Mijia Mite Removal Apparatus releases 254nm UV-C light while cleaning, which penetrates and destroys the DNA of bacterial mites and achieves a 99.9% sterilization rate. Coupled with 50°C hot air dehumidification, the bedding will quickly become dry and destroy the living environment of bacteria and mites.


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