XIaomi Mijia Mosquito Repellent Smart Version of The Sale


Summer is coming, Mijia has launched a new version of the mosquito repellent, inheriting the high value of the German iF design award from the previous generation Mijia Mosquito Repellent, supporting one-button 10-hour timing and 90-day long-lasting mosquito repellent.

Mijia mosquito repellent is divided into basic version and smart version. The previous basic version has started crowdfunding in Xiaomi Mall on May 8th. The special price is only 99 yuan ($14.32) (3 packs), and the number of crowdfunding has exceeded 200,000 sets. The total amount of crowdfunding exceeded 20 million, and the crowdfunding rate reached 2000%.

Today, the smart version of the Mijia mosquito repellent has also been put on the shelves, a single price of 59 yuan ($8.53). Compared with the basic version, its biggest feature is to support Bluetooth connection mobile phone, you can set the time switch through the Mijia APP, you can also check the residual amount of the mosquito repellent tablet, the remaining power of the mosquito repellent, and so on.

Other appearances and performances are consistent with the basic version. It also promotes uniform evaporation of the drug through the built-in fan rotation. It does not produce open flames when used, and the agent is colorless and fragrance-free, and naturally gentle and not pungent.

In terms of pharmacy, the Mijia mosquito repellent uses the most mainstream pyrethroids. Officials claim that this is a widely used deworming agent with high efficiency, broad spectrum, low toxicity, and biodegradability. Most traditional mosquito repellent products in the market contain similar ingredients, and their efficacy has been widely verified.

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Unlike traditional mosquito repellent products, the Mijia Mosquito Repellent is not a killing product, but it is used to dispel mosquitoes by emitting a smell that mosquitoes do not like. A single Mijia mosquito repellent can effectively remove mosquitoes in a space of 28m3. The effective evaporation time of a single agent is about 720 hours, which is 90 nights according to the 8-hour usage time per day.

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