Xiaomi MIJia Night Sensor Light Officially Releases at 49 yuan, $8


When we sometimes get up at night, it is not very convenient to walk in the dark, and we don’t want to affect others to turn on the light. So Xiaomi MIJia has released a night sensor light, selling at 49 yuan, $8, it will start to sell officially at 10:00 a.m. [GMT+8] Beijing Time tomorrow.

Xiaomi MIJia night sensor light will use simple design, white color, which can paste on the wall or hang on the wall, and put at home freely. It will have 120 degree ultra-large sensing range, the sensing range can be up to 7 meters.It adopts photosensitive and human infrared double gravity sensor, turning on automatically under dark light, in 15 seconds, it can be light on, the brightness can be adjusted.

Xiaomi mijia night sensor light has come with batteries when you buy it, under LED chipset control, the power standby rate is low to 0.25 mw, coming with human sense and smart light sense double sensor,  it avoids to be light on in the day, more power saving. Meanwhile, it will be equipped with double screen adjustment. Under 0.7 lumen mode, it can use 12 months, under 3.8 lumen mode, it can use about 6 months. And it can provide more comfortable light effect in the dark. Therefore, most families will need this very convenient night sensor.


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