Xiaomi MiJia Portable Flashlight Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


Xiaomi has expanded the range of branded products with a compact Mijia Portable Flashlight, which has 11 glow modes. Adjusting them by simply rotating the upper part of the body. The maximum luminous flux is 240 lumens. Xiaomi MiJia Portable Flashlight with a nice design and built-in battery with the function of recharging device.


The gadget is a small cylinder, the base of which is made of aluminum alloy, like most of the company’s power banks. One single button activates the flashing SOS mode for emergency situations. Xiaomi Portable Flashlight is a practical flashlight, featuring with its portable design. Its premium aluminum alloy body provides a long service life for you. Coming with the max brightness, it gives you the max convenience.

The body is made of premium aluminum alloy with the strong and sturdy design. With its mini size, Xiaomi Portable Flashlight weighs only 0.103kg, which is portable for you to bring it outside. The new Xiaomi flashlight has a minimalistic design and small dimensions, slightly larger than a conventional lipstick tube.


Its max brightness is 240 lumens, meeting your needs of night camping, running, observation or exploration perfectly. Xiaomi Portable Flashlight comes with a 3350mAh large capacity battery, bringing you a brightness endurance for 216mins. With the USB charging port, you can charge for the small current devices such as Xiaomi wristbands and Bluetooth earphones, providing great convenience for you. Xiaomi Portable Flashlight is unique with the SOS mode.

Press the function button continuously for 3 times, then it will send a distress signal. The main feature of Mijia Portable Flashlight is a hidden inside battery for 3,350 mAh. The USB connector located at the end of the case allows you to recharge any other gadgets from it. True, the maximum output power is only 5 watts. The flashlight itself is powered via a microUSB port.

With continuous glow, the flashlight can work up to 216 minutes, after which, in the case of heating, the brightness of the light flux will automatically decrease. The special chip SY6918 is responsible for this.


Also, do not forget about the main purpose of this flashlight. After all, it is capable of projecting a really intense light flux. Right now Gearbest Start Presale of Xiaomi MiJia Portable Flashlight at $25.99 but if you use Coupon Code: GBFTS you can grab at $22.87


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