Xiaomi Mijia Pro Dust Mite Controller Starts to Sell at 379 yuan, $54


Xiaomi launched a dust mite controller Pro today, the initial price of 379 yuan, $54.

The biggest selling point of this mite removal instrument is the use of an LED digital screen, built-in intelligent sensor system, which can real-time monitor fabric dust mites, intelligent ring automatically change three colors to show the current dust mite situation clearly.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a 400W high-performance motor that can release up to 14kPa hurricane suction, and 20cmg wide suction to remove allergenesis.

With the patented electric rolling brush, the motor rotates at high speed to drive the adhesive strip and soft bristles to sweep 48,000 times /min. The spiral structure allows the bristles to sweep out dust and mites without damaging the fabric.

At the same time, equipped with 254nm wavelength UV UV lamp, built-in independent motor high-speed rotation, and support 55℃ drying, upgrade cyclone dust duct, filter element filtration efficiency up to 99%.

In addition, Mijia mite removal Instrument Pro adopts specific frequency ultrasonic wave to act on mites, which can inhibit the feeding and reproduction of dust mites during their life cycle.

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In addition, Xiaomi Mijia Pro Dust Mite Controller also has a new 0.5L capsule dust cup, a newly upgraded visual design, the process of mite removal is clearly visible, the dust cup also supports one button disassembly, to achieve easy dust dumping.


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