Xiaomi MIjia Pure Smart Humidifier Officially Released at 199 yuan, $28


Xiaomi officially launched mijia Pure smart humidifier, which is now on the list of Xiaomi Mall. It will officially open crowdfunding at 10 am. GMT+8 on September 23, with retail price of 229 yuan and crowdfunding price of 199 yuan.

Mijia pure intelligent humidifier simulates the natural evaporation of water, and humidifies the air by first spraying the filter element and then evaporating the water, supplemented by the redesigned waterway and air duct system, forming a double circulation inside and outside.

In this way, the water can be evaporated into a moist air stream and sent out, so that the air can keep fresh and moist for a long time and disperse the dryness in the room.
Unlike ultrasonic, natural evaporation does not pick water, available tap water, do not have to worry about white powder.

The filter element of the humidifier is composed of high-density absorbent fiber, which can prevent the impurity from diffusing in the water when the water evaporates naturally. Even the tap water can also be used to purify and humidify, which is suitable for pregnant women, infants, the elderly and vulnerable people with sensitive breathing.

Developed a new type of water pump structure, automatic circulation pump spray to the filter element when working, always keep full water absorption state, continuous evaporation humidified air.

The humidifier has as many as 240 air holes on the surface of the body. The air inlet makes evaporation more efficient, and then the turbine fan sends out turbulent moist air to nourish the whole space.

The upper water injection design can add tap water directly from the top water injection port, easy and convenient, one time can humidify for up to 19 hours.


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