Xiaomi Mijia Smart Curtain Lithium Battery Version Officially Released at 899 yuan, $139


Xiaomi officially releases mijia intelligent curtain lithium battery edition, market price 999 yuan, $154, the first advance sale deposit 100 yuan, arriving 200 yuan, coming to hand price 899 yuan, $139.

Before Xiaomi has mi home intelligent curtain to supply power edition, it needs reservation socket, price 799 yuan, $123. This lithium battery version even if reserved socket can also be installed, built-in 6200mAh battery, six months, using 27W fast charge, 2.75 hours can be full.

During the charging period, the motor can be manually opened and closed to meet daily needs.

Previously, the power supply board was wi-fi connected, but this time, bluetooth Mesh is used to ease the pressure on the router. But the power supply comes with a remote control, while the lithium-ion version doesn’t. The official said that the mobile phone is like a remote control, no matter at home or out, the mi Jia APP can check the state of any pair of curtains in the home in real time, easy to remotely control the opening and closing. Still can slide finger stepless adjust curtain to open close proportion, indoor enter light quantity how much, you say what to say.

The curtain lithium battery version supports a variety of control methods, which can save the trouble of walking and manually pulling the curtain, bringing more intelligent, more convenient and better life experience. It can also be linked to the small ai speaker, you can easily control the curtain to open and close to the state you want.

According to your work and rest habits, the curtain can be opened and closed regularly, enjoy a more regular healthy life. It is built-in wake up mode allows you to wake up with a ray of sunshine.

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In terms of design, ultra-quiet motor, noise < 30dB(A), with high torque motor, bearing 50kg can also run smoothly. Adaptive filtering algorithm upgrade, slow start and stop more intelligent, open and close more elegant.


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