Xiaomi Mijia Smart Hood P1 Released: Fumes Will Not Touch the Body


The survey shows that the long-term failure to effectively solve the cooking fumes in Chinese cooking kitchens is the main reason for the high incidence of lung cancer in Chinese women. Although there is no smoking, some particulate matter and harmful ingredients during cooking will be inhaled. Xiaomi released a new kitchen appliance product that focuses on purifying smoke and purifying flavor Xiaomi Mijia Smart Hood P1. This product is equipped with hard-core particle capture technology, which specifically addresses the four major pain points of traditional Chinese kitchen hoods: smell, smoke, oil pollution, and the inability to deal with carcinogens (PM2.5).

It can effectively absorb fumes and harmful particles, so that the body does not stick to the smell after cooking, and it can protect the health of the kitchen. The Mijia Smart Smoke Cleaner P1 has two hard-core technologies of dynamic particle capture and easy cleaning and no disassembly and washing. It has effectively dealt with Chinese-style high-temperature cooking pollution particles.

Using the principle of aerodynamics, the low-pressure cyclone captures oil fume and harmful particulate matter from the source, and the large static pressure of 900Pa prevents oil fume from pouring back; the oil-free mesh design does not require disassembly and cleaning.

The Mijia Smart Hood Cleaner P1 is specially customized for Chinese high-temperature cooking, which can help users quickly clean up the cooking fumes and PM2.5 in the cooking fumes. It adopts dynamic particle capture technology and uses the principle of aerodynamics to form a capture cyclone above the cooking utensils, gather pollution particles at low pressure, and capture cooking pollution particles such as oil fume, odor, and PM2. Stay away from soot particles.

Through the low-pressure cyclone Mijia Smart Hood P1, in addition to absorbing oil fumes, it can also absorb the invisible remnants of oil fume, so that the smell of oil fume does not stick to the body. Unlike traditional range hoods that only have air intakes, Mijia Smart Hood P1 also adds an anti-escaping and blocking air curtain.

In the special case of instantaneous large amounts of oil smoke or crosswind interference, the aerodynamic principle is used to generate an anti-disturbance and anti-escape dynamic capture flow field, which can effectively block the escape of particulate matter by forming a backflow. Even large-scale operations such as the flipping of the spoon during the preparation of Chinese food will not cause the leakage of cooking pollution particles.

The double-layer closed air duct can prevent oil fume leakage in all aspects, which can not only avoid the problem of oil fume leakage in the gap of the machine but also solve the problem of wind speed attenuation caused by turbulence.

It adopts a backward-inclined high-speed airflow and uses high wind speed to achieve a stronger net suction effect. The high-speed airflow (13m/s) tilts backward through the Coanda effect to suck and discharge the oil fume pollutants, and is equipped with an anti-escape and blocking air curtain so that the cooking pollution particles in the area do not escape to the environment, and the high-speed airflow carries the oil fume particles and pushes them to the air intake surface of the range hood. Thus as far away from the cook as possible.

In the past, we used to be troubled by cleaning after using the range hood, and it took money to maintain and clean the range hood every year to maintain its performance. Mijia Smart Range Hood P1 has an oil-free mesh design for this problem, which can save us the trouble of daily oil mesh disassembly and cleaning.

Through high-speed airflow, the efficient separation of oil fume can be achieved without an oil net. The real oil-free net design is free of disassembly and cleaning for life, which also saves users the cost of future cleaning and replacement of oil net;

At the same time, the use of easy-to-clean materials and design, the smoke chamber is easy to clean, the air duct has no hygienic dead corners, and the wind wheel has low oil pollution. The smoke cavity is also coated with silicone, which can be cleaned with just one wipe, saving time and effort.

When we buy a range hood, to ensure the complete removal of oil fume, we like to choose a product with a large air volume, but in fact, a large air volume does not mean a large suction force, and the wind speed is the key factor that determines the suction power.

The high wind speed and large static pressure of the Mijia smart hood P1 make it even more capable of absorbing oil fume. The unique supercharged air suction groove is equipped with a high-speed BLDC motor, which has strong power and can form a high wind speed of 13m/s.

In addition to the high wind speed, the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Hood P1 also has a large static pressure of 900Pa. For some public use, even in the peak of cooking, it can not be affected by the return of the public flue gas, and there is a problem of oil smoke backflow. For users to see the results absorbed by the range hood more intuitively and pay attention to the health of cooks, the Mijia Smart Hood P1 also uses real-time monitoring technology to monitor air quality in real-time.

The built-in air purifier has the same PM2.5 sensor, which can monitor the cooking air quality at any time. When cooking, the TFT screen will display PM2.5 data in real-time, which is also a function that cannot be equipped with general range hoods.

The control interface of the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Hood P1 adopts multiple intelligent control technologies, which are easier to operate, and safety has been significantly improved under the blessing of intelligent technology. Among them, a new generation of gesture sensing technology is added, which can easily capture subtle command movements and can also recognize various gestures. You can perform shifting operations with just a wave of your hand.

The intelligent screen display makes the operation status clear at a glance: PM2.5 display, gear display, time display, smoke stove linkage display, WIF link status display, function status, etc. can be seen at a glance. The Mijia Smart Hood P1 adopts the smoke-stove linkage technology, which can automatically absorb oil fume when the fire is turned on.

At the same time, as a product of Mijia, it must also support access to Mijia APP, Xiaoai speaker, or mobile phone, and you can remotely control the hood at any time. The Mijia smart hood is specially designed for domestic high-temperature cooking habits to make products more suitable for the cooking habits of Chinese people. It is equipped with hard-core particle capture technology, which can effectively absorb oil fumes and harmful particles, protect the health of the kitchen, and realize post-cooking. No smell.

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The oil-free mesh design does not need to be disassembled and washed, which saves money and worries for maintenance and cleaning. The Mijia smart hood P1 has effectively improved the quality of the kitchen cooking environment through more effective aerodynamic design and intelligent control. It is a must-have item for Chinese home kitchens.

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