Xiaomi Mijia Smart Lift Foot Bath Released: Support Massage, Heating


Xiaomi launched a “foot bath artifact” today, the Mijia Smart Lifting Foot Bath, which supports three-stage zonal massage and DPS water and electricity separation heating technology, priced at 699 yuan. Different from the traditional folding foot bath, the Mijia smart lift foot bath is equipped with an electric double helix rod, which can be smoothly lifted and lowered by the electric drive, without manual unfolding and folding.

It is understood that the foot bath has a built-in automatic massage movement, which can be used to achieve 3 massage areas and 3 massage techniques. It is very convenient to relax and decompress when you get home from getting off work.

Specifically, the three-segment massage can achieve point-to-point coverage of the soles of the feet, arches, and heels, which is officially said to be equivalent to a three-handed massage at the same time. At the same time, it is equipped with a foot bath soft rubber massage pad, which can prevent the soles of the feet from directly contacting the massage disc and prevent the massage head from wearing the skin on the soles of the feet.

More importantly, the Mijia Smart Lifting Foot Bath does not require frequent hot water changes. It comes with a DPS heating system and an all-cast aluminum heat-conducting layer for faster heating.

Built-in water temperature detector, butterfly thermostat, support 35-48°C temperature adjustment, 5-60 minutes timing.

It is reported that the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Lifting Foot Bath supports App/Voice dual control, and can be remotely operated through the Mijia App even when you are away from home, such as starting the foot bath, making an appointment time, and making an appointment temperature, etc., to achieve a foot bath at home.

In terms of ID design, the unfolded height of this product is 35cm, and the height after folding is only 18cm, covering an area of ​​about 0.16m². At the same time, it has a 55cm telescopic handle and universal wheels, which can be dragged like a suitcase.

In other respects, the Mijia smart lift foot bath supports one-key drainage, and leakage protection, and is equipped with a double-sided folding thermal insulation cover and a detachable filter.

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