Xiaomi MIJia Smart Mosquito Inrepellant 2 Opens Crowdfunding


MiJia intelligent mosquito repellant 2 will start crowd-funding at 10:00am today in Miamimall, supporting Xiaoai voice switch and Mijia APP remote control, with two power supply modes. The retail price is 69 yuan, and the crowd-funding price is 59 yuan with postage included.

Different from the heating mosquito repellent products, Mijia intelligent mosquito repellent 2 is through the built-in fan rotation to promote the uniform evaporation of pesticide. According to Xiaomi, the mosquito repellent used in the MiJia intelligent mosquito repellent device 2 uses trimethofrethrin, and the effective evaporation time of a single agent is 1,080 hours. A single Mijia intelligent mosquito repellent 2 is suitable for a space of 28m3.

Mijia intelligent mosquito repellent 2 has two power supply modes, two No.5 batteries can be powered, or can be directly powered through USB-C interface. It should be noted that voice control, remote control and intelligent linkage of Mijia intelligent mosquito repellent 2 should be used in USB-C power supply mode with a small AI speaker with Bluetooth Mesh Gateway function.

Mijia intelligent mosquito repellent 2 supports Xiaoai’s voice control when the power is switched on and turned on in USB-C power supply mode. It also supports connecting the mobile phone through Bluetooth. When the mobile phone is turned on, you can set the timing switch at will, check the amount of pesticide and the remaining power.

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In addition, when the Mijia intelligent mosquito repellant 2 is opened in the power supply mode, it is connected to the Xiaoai speaker with the function of Bluetooth Mesh Gateway, which can be linked with smart devices in the home and cooperated with the Mi body sensor to realize the effect of intelligent switch.


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