Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pet Water Dispenser Sells For only $24.99


Xiaomi released a new pet product Mijia smart pet water dispenser, quadruple filtration, circulating water, effective absorption of impurities, bringing the ultimate drinking experience for cats and dogs.

The Mijia smart pet water dispenser will be on sale at Xiaomi Mall at 10 am on September 25, priced at 169 yuan.

The Mijia smart pet water dispenser has a patented design, a minimalist structure, and a hidden circuit to achieve true water and electricity separation. The sink is smooth and clean. Cleaning the sink is as convenient and labor-saving as cleaning a water bowl. You can paint your pet here.

This smart pet water dispenser can simulate a mountain stream spring, using a circulating waterway, the running water is rich in oxygen as if being in nature, satisfying the pet’s nature, and enhancing the interest in drinking water.

In addition, the Mijia smart pet water dispenser uses internationally excellent filter materials and four-fold high-efficiency deep filtration to intercept fine particles, hair, residual chlorine, and calcium and magnesium ions that induce stones. It not only cleans but also softens the water. The taste is sweet.

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The Mijia APP can receive mobile phone pushes at any time to remind the owner to add water, clean and replace the filter element. Respect for daily life, no matter whether the spring is continuous for 24 hours, or the high frequency during the day, or the intermittent spring at night, you can switch at will by pressing the function button or using the APP.


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