Xiaomi Mijia Smart S1 Desktop Dishwasher 5 Sets Released at 1,399 yuan, $194


Today, Xiaomi launched Mijia S1 desktop dishwashers 5 sets, which will open crowdfunding at 10:00 am on November 1. The price is 1,699 yuan, and the crowdfunding price is 1,399 yuan.

According to introduction, 5 sets of s1 of mijia table top dishwasher are equipped with different adapter, no need to transform waterway and kitchen ambry, namely that is to use, pipeline interface is higher than ambry to keep water along, which can reduce back space waste.

It has body depth 350mm, width 550mm, about 0.19m² table, thanks to the folding door design, product opening depth only 600mm.

Xiaomi mijia desktop dishwasher at the bottom of the five sets of S1 is equipped with two groups of three fork high-frequency spray arm, 30 kpa, outlet pressure support optical water quality monitoring and AI intelligent algorithm, 10 seconds discriminant smudgy degree, automatic matching procedure more worry, hand wash water consumption than save 85%, officials said a wash bowl chopsticks, 5 sets of standard, a total of 39 tableware, single washing power 0.53 kW · h.

It is understood that the dishwasher uses PTC hot air circulation drying, 96 hours of active cycle ventilation drying, UV UV antibacterial rate of 99.9%.

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Mijia table washing machine 5 sets S1 support 7 washing modes, including intelligent washing (75°C), standard washing (75°C), strong washing (75°C), disinfection washing (75°C), fast washing (55°C), energy saving washing (56°C), self-cleaning (55°C), single drying (75°C).


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