Xiaomi Mijia Smart Zero Cold Water Gas Water Heater 16L S1 Officially Released at 1,799 yuan, $268


Today, Xiaomi launched the Mijia Smart zero cold water gas water heater 16L S1. The crowdfunding will start at 10:00 a.m. on February 8 in Mi Mall and Mi Youpin. The crowdfunding price is 1,799 yuan, $268, and the retail price will recover to 2,299 yuan, $343 after the crowdfunding.

It is understood that Mijia intelligent zero cold water gas water heater 16L S1 installation without changing the home pipeline, there is no return water pipe can be installed, support has been completed decoration but no return water pipe and new house decoration there are two installation ways of return water pipe.

The water heater adopts 6-weight three-dimensional noise reduction technology developed by Mika, equipped with air inlet muffler, noise reduction and sound absorption cotton, fan turbine optimization, 16-row broadband combustion components, sealing design of joint surface, etc., which has obtained the Level 1 certification of CCLC and CQC certification technical specifications.

Mijia intelligent zero cold water gas water heater 16L S1 adopts 16-row burner design in four sections, broadband constant temperature technology, accurate temperature control of ±0.5°C, DC frequency conversion fan, wind resistance capacity is greater than 350Pa, which can fight against 9 strong wind.

It is worth mentioning that the water heater is equipped with high performance supercharged engine, 9 meters of head, 100 meters of water, old buildings can also be convenient to use.

In terms of functional experience, MiJia intelligent zero cold water gas water heater 16L S1 supports four customized zero cold water modes, including timing preheating, water control preheating, one-button preheating, linkage preheating, and supports Mi Jia multi-device interconnection, such as MiJia intelligent door lock, water temperature adjustment, remote switch, condition monitoring through MiJia App.

In other aspects, the water heater also has a quadruple antibacterial purification system, it can intercept water impurities, antibacterial rate up to 99%, supporting flame out protection, overheat protection, anti-freezing protection, 85°C overtemperature protection, timeout protection, anti-burn through and other protection, supporting 3 years warranty.

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As for its specific parameters: the product size is 520*360*170mm, rated gas pressure 2000Pa, rated electric power 40W (bath) +90W (anti-freezing) +54W (water pump), the maximum preheating power 94W, applicable water pressure 0.02MPa-0.85MPa.


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