Xiaomi Mijia Start Cup Officially Releases at 99 yuan, $16


Today Xiaomi has listed a cup with literature taste and porcelain wood design, which is quite unique and useful. It is made of porcelain wood, it has 6.5 cm diameter, 6.1cm height, 140ml capacity, which is produced by International Luxurious Porcelain factory, looking transparent without flaw. It can be through under the sunlight.

The knob is made of wood with 2.8cm diameter, produced by the factory that specialized in producing owwd products for Forbidden City.  The cup has been through 12 processes, 5 sanding, and no varnish treatment. Fix tightly the body according to brass metal.

The ultimatum is made of walnut with 10.5 cm diameter, 0.8cm height, which is the perfect match of the star cup, when you pick up the cup, it will not tink. Currently, this Xiaomi start cup starts for crowdfunding at 99 yuan, $16 for the cup and wood dish, and two package at 179 yuan, $18.


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