Xiaomi Mijia TS Spherical Skating Goggles For Adults with Anti-fog UV Protection REVO Coating Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


An outdoor Xiaomi Mijia TS Spherical Skating Goggles is a very important part of any mountaineer, snowboarder, skier, or anyone that enjoys being adventurous in the snow equipment. When you wear them, it helps to prevent your eyes from the glare of the snow and sun and from any icy particles that can fly up from the ground. If you should have an accident, they could also help to protect your eyes from being hurt or damaged by rocks covered by snow or tree bark if you should run into a tree.


The goggle is constructed with superior toughness TPU frame, it features cold-resistant flexible and unbreakable, and provides a secure sealed fit while maximizing comfort and air flow. Xiaomi Mijia TS Spherical Skating Goggles has a Professional design – Double lens thermal barrier gives you superior protection against fogging and scratching. The interior frame seated with soft foam contributes to a comfortable and durable ski goggle, making it pretty easy to wear. Air venting design helps to reduce fogging and optimize the flow of air over the inside of goggles. Premium adjustable and stretchable strap was built to be a universal fit for all. All these not only offer you superior protection but also comfortable wearing during your sports time.


Xiaomi Mijia TS Spherical Skating Goggles lens is made of high-quality PC material, provides 100% UV protection and scratch-resistant. In addition, the lens is chemically etched with ICT anti-fog treatment to provide clear, fog-free vision in all conditions. With greater lens surface area, spherical goggles allow you to see more above and below you, as well as to the sides. Also, the dual lens adapt to UV rays and are color optimized to enhance critical details of the terrain as well as increasing depth perception and filtering out glare. The secure elastic printed strap is easy to stretch to fit over a bulky helmet also suitable for a variety of face needs without a helmet. Xiaomi Mijia TS Spherical Skating Goggles offers a wide range of frames that can accommodate prescription eyewear worn underneath the Goggles which means you don’t have to sacrifice vision, comfort, or style on the hill.


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