Xiaomi Mijia Washing and Drying Machine 15kg Released


Many parents are entangled. The baby’s clothes should be washed separately, or the whole family’s clothes should be washed together. There is only one washing machine. Do you want efficiency or health? The Xiaomi Mijia partition washing and drying machine is 15kg, it is here, with a large capacity of 5kg+10kg, dual independent suspension system, separate washing, more healthy.

The Mijia Partition Washing and Drying Machine 15kg adopts the upper and lower double cylinder integrated design and the upper supports 5kg washing. It is specially designed for washing underwear, baby clothes, wool and silk, and other clothes, caring for mothers and babies.

The following supports 10kg washing + 7kg drying, daily clothes, large clothes, and bed sheets can be done at one time.

Based on super-sensing clothes weight, laundry detergent, and softener, the Mijia zonal washing and drying machine 15kg adds a third-way special agent, which can be used for underwear, baby, and other special clothes washing and care.

In terms of power, the upper and lower drums have dual direct drive motors, which are accurate and efficient, with noise as low as 48dB, and the dual motors are guaranteed for ten years. BLDC variable frequency drying fan, intelligent temperature control, and wind control, effectively improve the dryness of clothes. BLDC circulating pump guarantees cleaning power.

The Xiaomi Mijia Washing and Drying Machine 15kg adopts a fully hidden color screen design, the brightness can be adjusted, the visual and tactile feeling of the UI imitates the mobile phone screen, 10 major parameters are adjustable, and two sets of dual 8 displays and the process of the upper and lower drums is clear at a glance.

Xiaomi Mijia Washing and Drying Machine also support the intelligent interconnection of the whole house. After the laundry is finished, the Mijia APP will push real-time messages, and the Xiaoai audio will give voice reminders or play music.

The Mijia partition washing and drying machine 15kg will start pre-sale at 20:55 on August 11, with a pre-sale price of 5,999 yuan.

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