Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Washing Machine 2 Lite Released at 1,749 yuan,$257


According to a preview message from Mi Mall, Mijia wireless floor Washer 2 Lite will soon open crowdfunding, with a suggested retail price of 1,999 yuan and a crowdfunding price of only 1,749 yuan, $257.

Mijia wireless floor washing machine 2 Lite supports sucking, dragging and washing at the same time, only one machine, one time can be cleaned, very convenient, daily instant noodles, eggs, ketchup, coffee stains, light soy sauce, milk and other stains can be cleaned at one time.

The whole process of running water cleaning system, put the host back to the cleaning base, not only can automatically charge, but also can start the rolling brush self-cleaning with a key. After deep cleaning of the rolling brush, the running water cleaning system will automatically start centrifugal dehydration, the whole process without hand washing.

Clean the rolling brush with water in real time to avoid secondary dirt, and the ground will be cleaner if the rolling brush is clean.

Equipped with 80mL water tank, 550mL sewage tank, support rolling brush edge design, 500 times/minute storm washing, simulation of hand mopping.

The built-in 4000mAh battery can last 40 minutes in automatic mode, and the whole house can be washed without interruption.

Equipped with dirt sensor, intelligent sensing the dirt level of the ground automatically adjust the suction size, not only clean, save electricity at the same time is not easy to residual water stains.

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The roller brush and floor brush hose are made of ionic bacteriostatic material and used with official floor cleaner for better floor washing effect.


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