Xiaomi Mini Electric Neck Kneading Fitness Massager Review: With a flash sale price of just $59.99


Nowadays, the lives of young people are inseparable from mobile phones and computers, especially some small partners in indoor office. Basically, many people will feel sore neck and shoulders. If someone helps to massage, then how good. In this regard, Xiaomi eco-chain company iHeath launched a neck massager, which can relax the tight muscles in just 15 minutes. So if you have always had neck pain, back pain, thigh, calf pain, then the solution is here for just a little budget. If you also work on the system all day long, this is a must buy, as it will always give you that nice relieve after the stressful day with the system.



features 4-point finger pressure kneading, just like a massager’s hand massaging, relax and smash soreness. Among them, the 4-point finger-pressure kneading supports the third-speed rhythm adjustment, and the massage spherical surface diameter is 15mm, which is as comfortable as a manual massage. Built-in pure copper motor, speed up to 5800 per minute, low noise. It can be kneaded 75 times per minute on the MINI neck massager, which is comfortable and adjustable. And the natural angle of the massager is 120°, which fits perfectly with the human body’s neck curvature and is suitable for many consumers.


In terms of battery life, the MINI neck massager uses a wireless design, Type-C charging interface, and a message cycle of 15 minutes. One full charge can use 8 massage cycles in a row, which is 2 hours of battery life. In addition to the neck, it is also suitable for the back, thigh, calf. Unlike traditional massagers, the Xiaomi mini massager comes in a portable design that can be used in any environment and be carried about without stress.

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