Xiaomi MINI PC Leaked with All-Metal Body Like Mac Mini


A few days ago, Xiaomi announced that the launch of the Mi 13 series was postponed, and a number of products were also postponed.

But despite the delay, the Internet has been buzzing with new products, especially one that Xiaomi has never tried before.

Previously, Xiaomi has officially announced the “first high performance desktop productivity,” known as the Mi Mini Console or MI Mini PC.

This morning, blogger Leon Leon brought a graphic showing off the design for the first time.

As can be seen in the figure, the machine adopts the all-metal integrated design, compared with the common NUC texture is better, on the desktop more like a work of art, a little Apple Mac mini flavor.

The overall design language is also relatively simple, the top only “xiaomi” letter logo, the front from left to right arranged power indicator, USB interface *2, 3.5mm headphone interface, concave design power button.

The right side is densely packed with micro heat dissipation openings, it is expected that the left side is the same design, and the power supply, HDMI and other interfaces will be on the back, the whole is beautiful and generous, and the design language of the Xiaomi notebook is consistent.

It is reported that a few days ago, Xiaomi mini mainframe has passed the 3C certification, the model is XM22AL5X, equipped with 100W power supply, the manufacturer is Shenzhen Sanuo Electronics Co., LTD.

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In terms of power supply, the host is expected to be equipped with Intel low-voltage U, and the core display configuration meets daily office requirements.

If there is too much demand for the game, it may not be a good fit.


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