Xiaomi MIpad 1 Will Upgrade to Android 7.0 OS?


Xiaomi MiPad has been released for two years, it is famous for the once flagship processor, NVIDIA Tegra K1 with 192 core NVIDIA Kepler™ architecture GPU to make Xiaomi MIPAD run large games and apps very fluently, which is an excellent tablet pc. But Xiaomi has not released its ROM firmware for its android OS, it still can support Android 4.4 OS, which affects its hardware function.

Previously, Xiaomi MIpad open source gives mi fans hope to update the old OS, after all Xiaomi official has not upgraded it, after open source, there are many geeks with high tech to develop the firmware to upgrade Android7.0 OS. But things are not going smoothly, because there is no relative hardware drive, the upgrading new OS will take much time, but right now there is good news about Xiaomi MIPad, NVIDIA promises SHIELD Tablet will upgrade to Android7.0 OS, someone asks when K1 will upgrade to Android7.0 Nougat, the official said they will upgrade, but it needs to wait for several weeks, so it seems it will come out until February. SHIELD Tablet processor is 32bit Quad core Tegra K1, which is similar to Xiaomi MIPAD 1, which has provided great help for developers in public to upgrade Android7.0 OS instead of Android4.4 OS.

Before Xiaomi MIPAD open source, there are developers on XDA according to open source to make CM12.1 based on Android 5.1.1 OS ROM, it needs official to be compatible with higher version or give drive directly. Right now NVIDIA promises that SHIELD Tablet PC will upgrade to Android7.0, so Xiaomi mipad will also upgrade to Android 7.0 OS, then the performance of mipad will be more excellent, there will be more third party ROM to support Android 7.0 on MIPad. But we have no idea why Xiaomi doesn’t upgrade MIPAD 1 to Android 7.0 until now. But according to current situation, Xiaomi can send the official rom to upgrade to Android7.0 OS, only wait for those professional tech people to release the third party ROM.


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