Xiaomi MIpad 3 Will Release in May, Are You Ready?


Recently, there is few news about Xiaomi MIPad 3, most netizens asked Lei Jun about when Xiaomi MIpad 3 is released. Previously, it is said it will release on December 24, 2016, but when we wait until this day, it disappoints most of mi fans, even the first press conference of Xiaomi in 2017, right now there is more news about Xiaomi MIPad 3, according to latest news, Xiaomi MIPad 3 will be released until this half year of 2017, namely in later May.

From previous two Xiaomi mipad press conference, we can find the answer. Xiaomi MIPad 1 was released on May 15, 2014 which is the first Xiaomi android tablet pc and then it starts to test in public until June 2014. Xiaomi MIPad aims at doing the best android tablet pc by its powerful hardware, fluent software, rich apps and games to break the monopoly position of iPad. Xiaomi MIpad has announced to reduce the price on December 1, 2014,  Xiaomi MIpad 16GB many colors sells at 1299 yuan, $200, MIpad 64GB stills at 1,699 yuan, $283. On April 7, 2015, according to Xiaomi official, Xiaomi mipad price has been dropped again, but this time it’s ROM 64GB from 1699 yuan, $283 to 1,499 yuan, $249. On September 1, 2015, according to Xiaomi official, Xiaomi mipad reduced the price again, the mipad 16GB has reduced 300 yuan, $50 to sell at 999 yuan, $166, ROM 64GB reduces 200 yuan, $20 to sell at 1,299 yuan, $200.

Xiaomi MIPad 2 has been released on November 24, 2015, and it runs dual OS with Android and Windows 10 OS. Xiaomi MIpad 2 ROM 16GB sells at 999 yuan, $166, ROM 64GB version sells at 1,299 yuan, $200 to run Windows 10 and Android dual OS, aiming at entertainment and office work, and ROM 64GB version sells on the market until December 2015.

Currently, Xiaomi MIPad 2 price has not reduced, according to practice, after Xiaomi mipad 2 reduced the price, the news about Xiaomi mipad 3 will be more reliable. According to this two tablet pc press conference, we can speculate the release date of Xiaomi MIPad 3, the released period of Xiaomi tablet pc is one and half an year. Although there was news about xiaomi mipad 3 release date on December 23, 2016, it only has half year period, according to previous practice, only Xiaomi doesn’t abandon this product line, Xiaomi mipad 3 will be released in May, 2017. If it is released, will you consider? You can check MIPad 3 specs here to know more details.

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