Xiaomi Mitu Block Robot Mine Truck| Steering Wheel Smart Remote Control| Design, Features, Review (Coupon Inside)


Today I have the pleasure of introducing you the new truck that joins the toy line MITU Blocks. Xiaomi decided to release a new inexpensive designer called Mitu Building Blocks Mining Truck, which, unlike its other gadgets, is deprived of any electronics.


Designer Mitu Building Blocks Mining Truck allows you to create a smaller version of the legendary “BelAZ” by your own hands, which the child and adult will absolutely surely be satisfied with. Xiaomi has copied LEGO parts, which are made from exactly the same materials. It got to the point that the details from one designer come up to another like they are original. The difference is only in price.


The huge cargo truck Mitu Building Blocks Mining Truck, according to the manufacturer, consists of more than 500 givers, and its assembly will have to spend about one hour of time (adult). The front pair of large wheels turns with a special “steering”, which is located on top, that is, they can be operated by the child without any difficulties. The rear wheels can easily rotate, independently of each other. it is basically a truck that you can assemble with pieces. As regards the assembly time, it will take you more or less time depending on your skill for this type of toys.

Where To Buy

It is important to mention that it is suitable for children over 6 years old (but this type of things is not old because there are adults who have more fun with this type of games than the children themselves). So if you want to have the entire collection of MITU Blocks, you will have to buy it. If you want to buy the MITU Blocks Mine Truck you can grab it on TOMTOP Just at $26.79 using Coupon Code: HY4MIT  (Use a coupon and 220 points to enjoy price).


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