XIAOMI Mitu DIY Robot Kit Review- An amazing toy from Xiaomi for small and big kids (photo, video and coupons are included)


You sure all know Xiaomi, a company that makes great mobiles and gadgets. The think is that the company makes also hundreds other things, from superb quality. One of these hundreds of things are toys! Yes Xiaomi makes and toys, for small and big kids I have to say! People that know me, know that I’m a big Xiaomi fan so when I saw the games that make, I decided to get one. Thanks to Igeekphone and Gearbest, I got this amazing Xiaomi MITU Mi Bunny Robot Building Block Toy Setan amazing smart robot tank, that you will be very impressed with the final result!

The box that came to me was really big, as its dimensions were 38.00 x 32.00 x 9.50 cm and weighted 3.0kg. I must also mention that the box contains 1086 pieces to join so you will have a lot of work to do, but as I told you the final result will compensate you and your kid of course!

Opening the box the first thing you see is the big battery with the 32bit STM32 CPU inside it and the two arms of the robot tank.

Lifting these parts up…..shock!

As we already told you, 1086 pieces will wait for you to join them in order to reach the final result. Inside the box you will also find a detailed manual of 170 pages in English, an other small manual in Chinese and a charger with a Type-C connection. And now is time for construction….

The whole process as you understand takes a lot of hours. Is not difficult to make, since the detailed manual helps very much and even contains pictures of real size to use, so not to make any mistake.

Slow by slow you will understand that the toy you have in front of you is an amazing armoured tank! The Xiaomi robot tank is quite big have to say, for a toy, and this is logical since its dimensions are 23.44 x 19.80 x 22.90 cm and weights 2.0 kg!

After many hours of work, with breaks of course, I finally reached to the final result, which once again I must say it was very very impressive!

If you take care, you will see inside the upper part of the robot the huge battery with the CPU. The battery contains 3 x 1650mAh, which can be charged through the charger that we told is inside, in about 4-5 hours! The battery has 4 Type-C slots on the back. The first two are used for the two arms and the other two for charging (you can use either slot, doesn’t matter). The Xiaomi MITU Mi Bunny Robot Building Block Toy Set can be controlled through the app Mitu Builder from your mobile. You will have either to scan the QR code to find the download link or use this one here. The app is in Chinese and English.

From the app, after you connect through BT with the Xiaomi robot, you will know how much battery has and you will be able to control it. To control it you can use the joysticks or the gyroscope. There is also a voice command option, but only in Chinese for now.

Check out now and a small video I made with the Xiaomi robot ready and fully functional!

As you can see, the Xiaomi MITU Mi Bunny Robot Building Block Toy Set is really fantastic! This is a toy for 10+ kids, which of course includes and you adults! You can find it at Gearbest, along with other two amazing toys from Xiaomi. Check them and with some coupons I found.


XiaoMi MITU STEAM Robot Smart Building Block Kit APP Control Bluetooth Robot at $46.45 Coupon code: RCTYOFF
Xiaomi MITU DIY Mobile Phone Control Self-assemble Robot for Kids Toy Gift 100.99$
Xiaomi MITU Mi Bunny Robot Building Block Toy Set at  coupon code:   RCTYOFF

Choose one of these games and I’m sure you will love them!


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