Xiaomi MIUI 14 Desktop now Supports Large Folders


Xiaomi MIUI 14 today updated the system desktop to version, bringing the big folder that users expect.

Xiaomi MIUI 14 previously only supported the 3 + n display of the four-palace folder, that is, at most can only directly click to open 4 apps, obviously not as convenient as the nine-palace box directly open 9 apps.

After updating the system desktop to the latest version through the Xiaomi App Store, users can choose the nine-palace folder, Igeekphone friends can find the update experience, if you do not receive it can wait for the subsequent push.

MIUI 14 was officially released in December 2022, bringing a more personalized visual experience, including changeable large ICONS and flower pet ornaments. Among them, changeable large ICONS support 4 sizes for each icon, making the desktop more interesting; Flower pet ornaments are interactive tabletop cute objects, make the table full of life.

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The first batch of MIUI 14 official upgrade is expected to be released around January 2023. Including the Mi MIX Fold 2, Mi 12S Ultra, Mi 12S Pro, Mi 12S, Mi 12 Pro Guet Edition, Mi 12 Pro, Mi 12, Redmi K50 Supreme Edition, Redmi K50 esports Edition, Redmi K50 Pro and Redmi K50.


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