Xiaomi MIUI 8 Stable Version about to be released


Xiaomi development of the MIUI 8 has been in the works for some time now,thus far no details of its impending release have been announced . Finally, Xiaomi have announced that a stable version MIUI 8 will be released to the public in August, although no date has been given.


Xiaomi have announced that they will release MIUI 7.5 V1 prior to the release of MIUI 8.The release of MIUI 7.5 V1 will come with some new features, that will be included on MIUI 8. The new features will include the Xiaomi Mi5 app lock and new input method The roll-out of MIUI 7.5 will start on June 29 at 11.00 precisely and will only be available to those users who have a stable version of MIUI, so anyone using the developer version of MIUI, will just have to sit this one out. You can however install a stable version if you want to get a feel for this new version.


There have been a few issues that have been rectified in this MIUI official release, including:

  • Adding a second sim card with the Xiaomi Mi3/Mi4 Unicom, where the first SIM card operates only in 2G.
  • Using a 3 finger swipe to take a screen shot has been launched and will be coming soon to developer versions.
  • The “Buyers’ Protection Plan”, if the price of your device drops within 7 days after your purchase,the price difference will be refunded.

Xiaomi continue to be on the front foot and have had a number of releases this year. Buyers however have had a few issues and to their credit it looks like Xiaomi have listened and put a bit more effort into  software development.




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