Xiaomi MIUI 9 Image Editing Has Big Change, Never Miss it Out


Xiaomi has launched 12 smartphones to upgrade to MIUI 9 developer beta version such as Xiaomi MI MIX, MI Note 2, MI5, etc. after August 16, Xiaomi has released MIUI 9 ROM directly in MIUI official forum, if Xiaomi users want to experience MIUI 9 first, you can apply for it in the forum.

Today Xiaomi MIUI official announces in the latest MIUI 9 developer version, MIUI image editing function has enjoyed great change, it has not only changed in its interface, but also in the functions. The newly-released image editing mode has covered most ‘PS’ scene, so that you can get rid of your other ‘PS’ apps.

In album browsing, click’ Beautification ‘, then you can enter into image editing mode.

Under image editing mode, all of checkbox is put under the image for users’ choice.

This update has also added the comparison between before ‘PS’ and after ‘PS’, if users has chosen the filter, then it will show comparison choice on the top right, help users know the difference between adding filters and no-filters,

After adding filters, you need fine adjustment, MIUI 9 new image editing also offer this function, on the top right, it also has comparison, helping you know what change after you take the photos with beautification.

Xiaomi MIUI 9 OS was released on July 26, it has adopted app launching speed, dynamic resource allocation, storage anti-broken in real-time, new file system,etc, 12 new technology in total, the speed of searching Internet and the fluency of playing games have been improved greatly, and it will not be stuck after long time using.

Currently, there are 15 smartphones to support MIUI 9 developer version upgrading, they are Xiaomi MI6, MI5X, Redmi Note 4X Snapdragon version, MI MIX, MI Note 2, MI5, MI5S, MI5S Plus, MI5C, MI MAX 2, MI MAX, MI4S, MI4C, MI Note Top version, Redmi Note 4X.

On August 16, there are 11 Xiaomi models to be the third batch to upgrade to MIUI 9 OS, they are  Xiaomi MI2/2S, MI3 TD version, MI3 WCDMA/CDMA version, Xiaomi MI4 TD/WCDMA/CDMA 3G version, Xiaomi MI Note Dual Network/netcom and Xiaomi MI Pad 3. Just stay tuned.


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