Xiaomi MIUI 9 OS Beta Test Will Start By the End of July


MIUI OS is one of the most popular Chinese smartphone Android ROM until now. While Xiaomi updates MIUI 8 OS gradually, but also starts its MIUI 9 work now. Currently, Xiaomi releases MIUI 8 developer version, and it will bring split screen function, no need to wait for MIUI 9 to experience it. But MIUI 9 is coming soon.

According to latest news, MIUI 9 has been customized basically, its beta test team will start to test, only taking one month to be released, as for the final version after one month, we have no idea. It is said that some of models are public version.

MIUI forum has also launched MIUI 9 beta test, and there is more discussion about MIUI 9 OS. About MIUI 9 key concept, Lei Jun has claimed that the new OS will be more fluent, more stable and more power saving. And we have reported before that someone has leaked the first batch to support MIUI 9 OS, there are 15 models in all, including Xiaomi MI6, Xiaomi MI Note 2, Xiaomi MI MIX, Xiaomi MI5C, Xiaomi MI5S, Xiaomi MI5S Plus, Xiaomi MI5, Xiaomi MI4S, Xiaomi MI4C, Xiaomi MI MAX 2, Xiaomi MI MAX 64GB/128GB/32GB, Xiaomi MI Note Top version, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Snapdragon version, Redmi 4X.

In terms of latest news, MIUI 9 has confirmed its design, the icon doesn’t change, and it will be released by the end of this month. The scale will be over before.


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